PF Weekly Grab a brew #43: Make a deal or pay full price

MAKE THE DEAL TO SAVE SOME CASH   Everyone I know likes to save a few dollars especially when they can pick up a great deal on a product they need whether small or large. Saving money is not easy but it’s also not that difficult especially if you have a budget or at the least track your numbers. The hard part for many is stepping up and asking to make a deal or to haggle with a company to get the best price. Haggling a deal   What does haggle mean? I think before anyone can be a leader of their financial life they need to understand how critical communication skills are in all aspects of life. Haggling is simply a word used to describe the ability to get out there and use negotiating skills in order to achieve a common ground with another party. Most often haggling or making a deal happens when you make a purchase whether large or small although many people tend to try to score a deal with larger items that might cost them a pretty penny.   The right way to make a deal   How to make a deal?  I know many […]

PF Weekly grab a brew #40: Are we dependent on the internet?

  Being Lazy Could Be The New Convenience    I was reading Yahoo this morning about Amazon Fresh and how they could trickle into Canada with online grocery shopping and delivery like they do in the USA and that giant grocers should be worried because their fixed costs are high and any decrease in traffic could send some retailers out of business. I can completely understand how that would happen because grocers rely on customers to get in their car, walk, take the bus, scooter, motorcycle or any other means of transportation to visit their store each week to check off the items on their grocery list and spend their hard-earned money in their stores. It’s at that time when a customer walks through the door that the retailer has the power of marketing at their finger tips. They hope to reel you in with low-priced specials and load you up with high-priced products that might not have been on your list but you easily were manipulated by sight or even smell to add that extra cost to your grocery budget for that shopping trip. If such a service like Amazon Fresh delivery is brought in there will be the […]

PF Weekly grab a brew #38: Leading the CBB team plus a new blog design and move

When You Have A Team In Your Corner Lead Them It will be 2 years January 2014 when I will celebrate the beginning of Canadian Budget Binder on a whim in my kitchen with a piece of paper, a pencil and a wild brainstorming session. Little did I know that in a short time I would have so many fans and other bloggers that are my rock and keep me going every single day. If you don’t already know my wife is going for a major surgery next week and I’ve been very busy behind the scenes with her as she is more important than anything to me and is very nervous. I haven’t been around to comment much although I’m checking in at all my favourite blog hot spots to read and share with my fans. A big thank-you to my good friend John from Frugal Rules and Karen at Lil Suburban Homestead and of course my in-house superstar mom and passionate lover of writing and helping others Katrina for accepting my call for help for guest posts while I tend to my wife in the next week. I know you will love what you read and if you […]

PF Weekly Grab a Brew 31: I don’t care about debt…push!

I’m sure you know someone who is deep in debt and shrugs it off like it’s no big deal saying they don’t care about debt. Sometimes I wonder how someone gets to that point but from another perspective I can understand how overwhelming debt can be for some people, myself included. Every one in a while we need motivation in our lives, and I’m here to share some of mine with you. Yes, when I bought my first condo that amount of debt and unexpected bills were piling up even though some people would say a mortgage is not a bad debt it loomed over my head. I’s not near as bad as having thousands in consumer debt that you just can’t pay off no matter how you accumulated it. Some people are comfortable paying the minimum payments until the bitter end no matter how much they pay in interest. It’s easier to close our eyes than to take the steps to iron out the wrinkles. 12 per cent of them — said they are comfortable carrying the debt and don’t intend to pay it off. The CIBC telephone poll that I read said “14% of Canadians won’t pay off […]

PF Weekly Reading List #21-Pay me $100,000 And I’ll Flip You A Burger

Winning $100,000 in the Sutter Homes 2012 Build A Better Burger competition for Erin Evenson of Brooklyn, New York must have been a dream come true. I know that putting lots of hard work into something you are passionate about takes a dedication and an optimistic outlook to bring it to life. Cooking Contests I think it would be a rush to enter a food contest such as this to see who can create the best burger around. I’m sure we have similar competitions around Canada but I often watch them on the Food Network and let’s be honest, people love to eat. In the summer bigger cities that I am aware of host a Ribfest competition and judges vote on the best ribs of the weekend. You should see the people who turn out to watch a cooking contest. It’s phenomenal.It’s also fun to watch and fun to eat. Food On Television Don’t tell me there is no drooling when you watch Guy Fieri on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, or John Catucci on You Gotta Eat Here. You know the funny guy who charges around Canada looking for the best food going. He’s passionate about food and when someone […]

PF Weekly Reading List #20- May Two-Four Victoria Day Long Weekend 2013 ~Hands Off My Cookie Jar!

It’s May two-four Victoria Day long weekend 2013 this weekend. It’s a way to say good-bye to winter and an official start to summer in Canada. The fun starts tonight Friday and runs until Monday May 20th evening. Parties and a Victoria Day parades are just some of the fun attractions happening this weekend. You may also see the sky light up with many who finish off the party with scads of Victoria Day fireworks and the music cranked, especially here in the GTA! A road trip down to Grand Bend or Wasaga Beach to cruise the strip and hang with all the party goers might be in order for many but for us we’re hanging close to home. Since I’ve lived in Canada these past few years I’ve come to realize how easy it is to tell this is the hottest weekend of the year. When I say hot, I don’t mean as in temperature I mean it’s the weekend where Canadians are celebrating with backyard bbq’s with their friends, spring cleaning, landscaping their gardens, planting flowers. camping and the obvious pool time. Over at Plunged In Debt, Catherine shares fun inexpensive long weekend ideas for the family. I’m sure many of […]

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