A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

YOUR DOG WILL LOVE YOU UNTIL THE END   As with many pet owners and this time of year I can be sure that they’ll be at least one present under the tree for your four-legged friend. The family dog, the pooch, the mutt or even the Heinz 57, including our particularly daft dog will be there waiting for the special treat that they already sniffed out a couple of weeks ago. Our little friend has spent many a Christmas diving in the wrapping paper and running off with presents that aren’t even his, but this year he’s getting particularly old.   Boarding a dog   After many happy years running after bunnies and generally terrorising the country side he’s really beginning to show his age. He’s going away for a couple of days so the wife and I can take a little trip somewhere that she doesn’t yet know about. Now, normally I would be booking him in to a kennel, but he despises kennels, worries far too much that we’ll never come back and then proceeds to not eat. Once, the situation had gotten so bad he had to be picked up early by my parents when him […]

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