Should you negotiate prices at a garage sale?: The Saturday weekend review #71

PRICING IS THE NAME OF THE GAME   If you aren’t prepared to negotiate when you hold a garage sale be ready to potentially haul your “stuff” back in at the end of the day. Hard-core garage sale buyers are now out in full force hoping to score some deals and if you think the frugal-minded buyers aren’t willing to negotiate you are wrong. Sure, you may have the few that won’t but some will even nickel and dime you on the small items and you know what, most sellers just say, sure. Holding a garage sale is not an easy task as it does take prep work including pricing items and making garage sale signs to advertise your garage sale so people will come. The name of the game is to get rid of you junk and fast so you can downsize and clean up your home.   The art of negotiation   I’m a firm believer that people get rid of junk at a garage sale because they don’t want it or don’t use it any longer. The entire point of a garage sale is to get rid of “stuff” that you no longer have use for especially […]

grocery game monthly challenge

What if the customer ahead of you was short cash?:The Grocery Game Challenge #4 Mar 24-30,2014

WOULD YOU PAY FOR THEM?   The last thing you want to have happen while paying for your groceries is that you are short cash. Not everyone has a credit card to pay for groceries to pick up the perks nor do they care to use a debit card to pay transaction fees where applicable. In fact many people use a cash envelope system to budget their expenses and the grocery budget is included. This means that they carry only a certain amount of money with them when they go grocery shopping. Most times they keep this money in an envelope or a separate area. If you are someone who only carries cash while grocery shopping being short¬† cash at the check-out can be embarrassing for some and for others they simply wave it off as no big deal. Deep inside though we wish we didn’t have to put items back once they are already scanned through. Having enough money to pay for whatever we need at the grocery store is important but not everyone is that fortunate. Planning a grocery shop using the sale flyers, coupons and other savings avenues such as Checkout51, Cart Smart and Snap Saves is […]

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