11 Habits To Help You Budget Better In The New Year : Our November 2016 Family Budget Update

IT’S TIME TO RAMP UP YOUR BUDGET PLAN SO GRAB A PEN AND START TAKING NOTES.   If you want to budget better and stop stressing over your money issues accept that you must give up something to get something. With the new year approaching many of you might not be thinking about budgeting in 2017 but waiting until the bills start coming due is probably not a smart way to get a fresh start. Household expenses are expected to rise in 2017 and we’ve been warned in part about a few coming our way. With the average Canadian debt load up 3.6% or $22,081 (excluding mortgage) compared to last year it’s critical that we continue to budget better than ever. We will definitely see grocery expenses escalating up $420 per family, carbon tax introduction and other developments that will work their way into our budget. The great news is that budgeting has become a household name and not as frowned upon as it once was considered for people who couldn’t manager their money.  No, No a budget is for everyone even the rich who have proven it’s easy to lose it all when they should have been comfy for […]

Updating the budget breakdown after paying off debt: Our family budget May 2014

BUDGET MONITORING IS ESSENTIAL   Now that we are debt free since paying off the mortgage updating the budget breakdown is something we need to consider for July. We never gave much thought to making changes to the budget breakdown until we both sat down to put the numbers together for the budget update today. Scratching our heads and not knowing what to do next was pretty much what we had left sitting on our financial plates. We’ve talked about getting rid of the budget and net worth updates altogether since we no longer have a mortgage. That may be a possibility or we will combine the two posts and have percentages instead of monthly figures or a scaled down version with less personal financial detail. I’m not sure how much benefit the readers get from this post due to lack of feedback so if it’s not something the fans care for I won’t spend 8 hours per post putting it together. For all you readers who read behind the scenes and not comment, thanks I appreciate your support. The fans that do comment, thank you as well because this is one of the ways I can tell what you […]

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