How To Estimate and Plan Your Canadian Retirement Budget

ALL WE CAN CONTROL IN RETIREMENT ARE OUR SPENDING HABITS   We often over-estimate how much money we will need in our retirement years when we are healthy only because we have this bucket-list of things to do and want to make sure the money is available. The sad part is that not everyone will get to cross off places they want to visit or things they want to do because of the funds aren’t available, health decline or travel insurance is far too expensive. When my father-in-law passed away earlier this year my mother-in-law was left to pick up the pieces which in all honesty was a terrible mess. Shortly after she was deemed unable to care for many things on her own we had to step in and do her finances for her. This is how dementia starts to rob you of your independence, slowly even though we can look back and now see it has been happening for years. With no income coming in but a small Canada Pension Plan cheque which she managed to get early when she didn’t need it that’s really all the money she had coming in. Had she been in the right […]

How To Budget When You Don’t Earn Enough Money

NOT EARNING ENOUGH MONEY IS FRIGHTENING AND SCARY BUT TEMPORARY WITH A SHIFT IN PRIORITIES   Over the years I’ve had my fair share of emails from readers about budgeting but one of the tougher budgets to work with is the budget that doesn’t earn enough money to balance itself out. With that you need to examine two things, your net income and your monthly expenses because this is the only way to understand how to fix the money imbalance. A simple budget is a plan for your money so you know where it is going before you earn that money. What a relief it is knowing that you have all your bases covered but what if you don’t or can’t? Well, there are some options available to you but more importantly knowing what how much money you need is priority. I know that many of you reading this today may be in this situation and perhaps you’re not sure how to attack it or whether you want to but I can assure you doing nothing will only set you back further. With the recent announcement that Doug Ford has axed the minimum wage increase set for January 2019 to […]

Why Earning More Money Won’t Solve Your Financial Problem : August 2018 Net Worth Update (+$6986.97)

THE ONLY DOLLAR SIGN YOU WANT TO SEE IS A POSITIVE ONE WITH A CLEAR PATH   So you’re earning more money and happy about it but what you do with that money is the REAL celebration because a dollar sign is nothing more than a number that can be worth more or worth less. Most often when people search for answers they look for the dollar sign because they believe that money will solve their financial problem but this always isn’t the case. Instead of celebrating the windfall celebrate the win which is knowing where all your money has gone, where it is going and what you have to look forward to. That’s the impressive part of finance.   Help me solve my financial problem   When I’ve spoken to people about debt which can be a tough topic to bring up the conversation of earning more money comes up. Someone always has ways to kick in some cash under the table, a second job prospect or a business opportunity all to ease financial burdens. When minimum wage went up in Ontario to $14/hr at the beginning of 2018 there were celebrations because that meant more earning power. Sadly, […]

How We Simplified Our Budgeting Process To Pay Off Debt : Our August 2018 Budget Update

YOUR BUDGETING JOURNEY MAY SEEM LIKE AN ENDLESS FIELD OF HARD WORK AND IT WILL BE   Without a budgeting process it’s easy to see how fast your debt free dream can crumble simply because you haven’t prepared your steps for success. In less than 7 years we managed to pay off a $265,000 home (worth $650,000), top up our retirement investments, buy a brand new $85,000 truck with cash (we got a deal of course), invest in our son’s RESP and sock away a nice savings. All of the above sounds wonderful when you read it BUT that is years of hard work, struggle, rejection, discrimination, sleepless nights, worry, anxiety, depression, tears and NOT giving UP. Yes, like most people we have been through it all which helps me to connect with my readers who are currently or have been in the same position. I didn’t fall into a 6 figure job, I fought for it and Mrs. CBB fights for her health without an income. The tables took a quick turn in our marriage and with only one working income it has been no walk in the park on a sunny day. No amount of money can give […]

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Ontario Fall Fruits and Vegetables For Your Budget Meal Plan : The GGC #2 2018 Sept 10-16

TIME TO FIRE UP THE OVEN THE FALL SEASON IS UPON US   Tis the season for root vegetables and lots of Fall smells of home cooking. If I’ve never mentioned it before I would have to say the Fall is my favourite time of year and not because it’s sweater weather but because of the Fall fruits and vegetables. Meal planning over the Fall and into the Winter season proves to be easy for us especially since we find Fall fruits and vegetables to be reasonably priced. A walk through Food Basics the other day to buy groceries for my family and a bit of reminiscing about my father-in-laws garden prompted me to write this post. A simple gaze around the produce department at the grocery store and I knew Fall was here at least for Fall fruits and vegetables. As I wandered around I noticed all of the Fall favourites apart from the spaghetti squash which I am on the hunt for as it’s one of our favourite comfort foods stuffed with a meat sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese. While I was doing some price comparison it was nice to see that the price of lettuce, garlic, […]

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