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Common Cooking Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid : The GGC 2018 #2 Aug 6-12

Cooking mistakes may lead to food waste which is a big problem in Canada an around the world.   With so many people suffering from starvation it’s important to keep in mind that the food on your plate is food that someone else would love to eat. That doesn’t mean if you don’t like something that you have to eat it but to be cautious about the way you meal plan, prepare food and portion size. The average Canadian consumer throws out an estimated 170 kilograms of food a year Canada wastes so much food that a researcher likens it to tossing a quarter of your groceries away when you leave the supermarket. Source Just recently we were at my sister-in-law’s house for dinner which was amazing as always and before we left she offered us leftovers. She has the tendency to make far more food than needed but I think that’s just so she can send it home with us. We’re fine with that though however she did mention that she has a large grocery bill which led us to discuss a few things about her food planning which I will talk about down below. Another thing she did […]

How To Sell Used Children’s Clothes At A Garage Sale : The Saturday Weekend Review #259

SELLING USED CLOTHING IS A BIG CASH BUSINESS ESPECIALLY WHEN IT’S ALL ABOUT THE KIDS   Baby resale is a huge business in Canada especially used children’s clothes and if you want to get the best return you need to use strategies and negotiation skills to rake in the cash. Over the past 6 months we’ve been clearing out our son’s closet of clothes, shoes and accessories he no longer needs because he’s growing into a big boy. Whether we bought items second-hand or brand-new our goal was to sell it all so we could buy for his current needs. The idea of buying and selling children’s clothes is to not necessarily profit from it but to put back into the pot money that can be used for the next school year or for every day seasonal clothing. There is never not a need for children’s clothes from infant to toddler. Well, we need clothes for the rest of our lives and buying and selling is the best way to clothe yourself without added expenses. If buying and selling is not your thing and you’d rather not donate your children’s clothes you may want to consider local children’s consignment stores. […]

The One Million Dollar Frugal Journey Train Ride : June 2018 Net Worth Update (+1.02%)

OUR FINANCE TRACK DOESN’T END AND NEITHER SHOULD YOURS   Money is why we started this blog and we certainly aren’t going to end it just because we’ve reached the one million dollar number that for some reason people think is the big bang theory of finance. How finance began and how finance ends, either you’re broke or you’re worth millions. We aren’t quitting now, not ever (unless we are 6 feet under) and it’s taking me weeks to write this post because I wasn’t sure how to tackle a topic that really was just a number. We’ve learned at CBB there’s more to life than just money however we still need to consider yesterday, today and tomorrow. Somehow debt rules and not from a happy perspective either. Happier has become my our rich and even thought we’ve achieved our one million dollar frugal journey we aren’t stopping now. There has to be a reason why so many people thrive on the million dollar journey yet stumble to get over paying debt or simply understanding their financial health. Give me a million dollars I need a million dollars I want a million dollars Why do so many people want or […]

grocery game monthly challenge

FREE Ways To Supplement Your Food Supply In Canada : The GGC 2018 #3 July 16-22

ENHANCE YOUR FOOD SUPPLY WITH A LITTLE BIT OF WORK AND FUN   Your food supply is important for survival and although the first place most people go to is the supermarket there are other ways to get food without the extra costs in Canada. Since moving to Canada from the UK over 10 years ago I’ve had to learn about a country that I wasn’t too familiar with. I had no idea about farm land and the seasons in Canada certainly through me for a loop. If you’d lived in the UK then you know what I mean. Since becoming a permanent fixture in this glorious land I’ve learned the most important survival tips when it comes to food supply and it came from my wife and father-in-law. Most of all exploring Ontario by going on nature walks along with educating myself about what grows in Ontario has certainly increased my knowledge on the topic. I’m not pro by any means but I’ve had my fair share of experience in the woods, on the farms and processing and growing gardens from seed to know it’s one of the easiest ways to supplement a food supply when in need. It […]

How To Overcome The Emotional Effects Of Debt Guilt : June 2018 Budget Update

DON’T LET THE EMBARRASSMENT OF DEBT KEEP YOU FROM REALIZING YOUR FINANCIAL DREAMS   There are consequences of owning debt and for 30 year-old Margaret who is feeling the emotional effects of debt guilt there are things she can do to get over this hurdle. Margaret isn’t the first person to email me about debt guilt and even myself at times felt guilty for owing money and had to pay it back as fast as possible. I remember the time my mom and dad gave me $5000 just before I moved to Canada. My house hadn’t sold yet and my money was tied up in my house equity and I needed to pay for Canadian Immigration documents, applications for permanent residence, medical assessments, flights to Canada, shipment containers and so on. The money my parents gave me was helpful and the first time I’ve ever borrowed cash from them in my life. They knew I’d pay them back as did I but boy oh boy did I feel stressed that I had to ask them for money. I’ve since overcome that guilt because I’ve learned that our bodies all react differently to certain situations. Since I was the kid who […]

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