The best of Canadian Budget Binder 2013

The-best-Canadian-Budget-Binder-2013THE BEST IS YET TO COME


The 2013 year has gone by so fast and with 2014 looming around the corner I am looking forward to our third year here at Canadian Budget Binder.

Over the past two years I have been met with many ups and downs here the biggest being re-designing the blog which took nearly a full year.

Personal finance has been a passion of mine for many years now and it’s been wonderful learning about Canadian personal finance and reading what others have to say while sharing my personal insights and stories. I especially love to share fan stories because the blog is for the fans, this is what I’m here for, you.

A huge positive for Canadian Budget Binder in 2013 was bringing Katrina and Nicola on board with me to share their insights and recipes. They are both my rock here and committed to helping others as much as I am and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Although Canadian Budget Binder is all about personal finance we all have to eat and eating costs money.

Food is a huge part of the success of this blog and it’s here to stay. The Grocery Game Challenge 2013 in my eyes was a huge success in 2013. We have many fans that post their grocery shop every week, faithfully and track their grocery budget along with us.

I am thrilled to have so many fans dedicated to their personal finance and hope in 2014 to get more fans on board posting their shops with us.

I love sharing ways to save money in the grocery budget and experimenting with new recipes from scratch while keeping the costs low in the budget.

I was even able to complete a full Free recipe index on the blog to make it easier to find all of the popular recipes that are posted every Sunday.

The blog re-design was a success finishing up near the end of September and I absolutely love the way it turned out. I hope to see this blog continue on the upswing as it has since it has begun.

What I love about the new blog design is that it allows me to create recipes that my fans can save and print for their own use which was something the fans were asking for and now I know why. It’s a simple feature that keeps recipes organized for anyone wanting to use them.

I went on to create a new Facebook page called The Free Recipe Depot where I showcase other Foodie Bloggers and fan recipes along with Canadian Budget Binder recipes every single day.

That page has grown to over 1000 Likes in a very short amount of time and I know it will keep on growing. Word of mouth advertising and free advertising is a great way to help each other out and that is my way of giving back to the foodie community and foodie lovers like me.


The fans


I started the blog not thinking that anyone would want to listen to what I had to say although I am an optimist my persistence and positive attitude towards the good and the bad has led to having thousands of fans.

I’ve come to realize that not everything we want in life will come easy but if we push through those hurdles people will see your dedication and they will want to join in and help others along for the ride.

I’ve said it a million times but my fans.. they are amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better crowd of fans who aren’t shy to give their honest opinions and to help me when I’m in need, so thank-you..


The bloggers


I’ve also been fortunate to connect with many new personal finance bloggers in 2013 and it’s been great getting to know them.

I’ve been doing my best to try and feature as many of my favourite blogs in the Saturday Weekend Review post for my Making a Difference section in hopes that my fans will give their blogs a read as well.

If you would like to be featured and you own a personal finance blog that I follow please contact me today.

Thank-you to all my personal finance blogger and non-personal finance bloggers for all your continued support over the year and moving forward into 2014. You can expect the same support from this guy.

Today’s post I wanted to keep it simple and share with you the Top 10 Blog posts for 2013 here at Canadian Budget Binder. I hope you enjoy your New Years Bash…. and set goals for 2014 and work hard at sticking with them, I know I will be.


Top ten blog posts 2013


These are in no specific order…..

  1. Scanning Code of Practice (SCOP) In Canada…. Did you know?
  2. How much should your grocery budget be?
  3. Dollar store pregnancy tests… do they work?
  4. Free Downloadable Money Saving Tools
  5. Canadian Law: Jury duty can take it’s toll on your budget
  6. How I paid off my OSAP loan fast
  7. Easy Chicken Curry in a Hurry
  8. The best seasoned crispy sweet potato fries
  9. Haggling the best deal with your communications company
  10. The Grocery Game Challenge Rules


Top social media


  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. Stumble Upon


Top referring blogs


  1. Frugal Rules
  2. Modest Money
  3. Coupon Christine
  4. The Frugal Farmer
  5. My Own Advisor
  6. The Brighter Life
  7. I Heart Budgets
  8. Lil Suburban Homestead
  9. Simply Frugal


Top searched words


  1. Canadian Budget Binder
  2. Grocery Game Challenge
  3. Scanning code of practice
  4. Dollar store home pregnancy test
  5. Simple chicken curry recipe
  6. Garage Sale
  7. Budget spreadsheet
  8. Budget Binder
  9. Frugal living Canada
  10. Lemon Fridge Cake

Thank you all for your continued support here at Canadian Budget Binder and I hope to see the new year bring lots of new changes for all of us.

Happy New Year 2014 to all!

-xo Mr.CBB




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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays



Good Morning to all of you reading this Christmas greeting hopefully with a smile on your face and a hot cup of coffee or mug of tea in your hands.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you for your continued support here at Canadian Budget Binder because without you there would be no blog to read.

Have a fun-filled day with your loved ones, eat and drink lots and make memories that will last you a life-time. It’s these times that we remember how thankful we are to be so blessed.

If you are going to brave the crowds tomorrow to go Boxing Day shopping I wish you all the best of luck finding that bargain you were hoping to find.

It’s time for me to get up, get crackin and dive into some chocolate and coffee for breakfast.  Mmmmm

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014,

Mr. CBB xo




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The Saturday Weekend Review #51: Extreme couponing 16 yr old and the holidays



After Sunday I’m officially on holidays which means we’re going home to see our friends and family to celebrate Christmas and New Years for the next 2 weeks.

Christmas is one of those times of years that our families can actually all get together in one room and celebrate with the drinks flowing and the chestnuts roasting in the fireplace.

Yes, we love roasted chestnuts. In fact it’s hard to stop eating them once you start as long as you have a cold beer in your hand.

What I love to hear about most of all is how giving people are over the holidays. I am a firm believer that we should all give to others in any way we can be it time or even donations like 16 Jordan from the UK.

It’s not everyday we read about extreme couponing in the UK let alone it being a teenager.

Heck, I’ve tried to get my sister on the coupon bandwagon with no success although she has always been surprised at how well we have done using coupons over the years in Canada.

Jordan started clipping and saving coupons all year while helping his single mother to shave money from the grocery budget. At the end of the year now he went to Tescos with his coupons in hand and his master plan.

With almost $1000 worth of groceries that he paid for with just 7 cents the cashier who has worked there for 19 years said she’d never seen anything like it. To be honest I’ve never heard of anything like that back home but it was nice to read about. Jordan went on to donate all of the groceries to a local charity.

It’s true that you can save hundreds if not thousands using coupons on every day items as long as you are willing to do the work putting it together. In time it gets so easy you do it without thinking.

When I hear about a teen who is money smart like this it makes me happy to see young people of today understand or begin to understand the value of money. His mother seems very proud of him that he understands money so well and is able to save.

I’m sure she won’t have to worry so much about him and finances down the road because he’s getting it now.

I don’t reckon Jordan will stop couponing but what I do know is that he surely has inspired others around the world to take some time to think about others in need and what you can do for them not only at Christmas but all year-long.

Do you know someone who donates using coupons?


Canadian Budget Binder this week


If you missed any of my posts from the week here is the list of posts you can catch up on reading!


CBB at home and the blog


Well, Christmas is around the corner so home-bound we are going starting on Monday. I presume the week will be filled with love, laughter and tears of joy. So much is happening in our lives right now that it’s going to be a great time to sit around and chat with our loved ones about where we are at and what the future might hold.

The dog isn’t doing so well at the moment and it’s hitting us pretty hard, so much it’s difficult to talk about right now. The gifts are all wrapped and I started making my traditional Christmas balls for friends and family last night.

I started with my Mr.CBB’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls which is a tedious job but someone has to do it. It’s worth the effort.

Today I’ll be working on my Festive Coconut Balls and a small batch of Snowballs to finish off the holiday baking. I’m afraid I didn’t have time to venture into different types of holiday recipes this year due to going away for a few days and falling ill this past week.

I trust 2014 will be an even better year and I look forward to what is down the road.


Fan deals and inspirations



Submit your Brag or Inspiration

If you have a brag that you want me to share email me at canadianbudgetbinder (@) [yahoo] [.ca] or fill out my contact form by Friday each week to have your brag considered for the Saturday post.

Hey Mr.CBB

I have a brag for you and the fans that I’m excited to share today.

Back in September/October Leon’s launched a giveaway where if you were one of the first 60000 fans to like their Facebook page you were eligible to request a voucher for 2 free pillows valued at $39.99.

I received my voucher via email and walked into Leons on December 6pm (redemption dates were December 6-8) and with no hassle whatsoever walked with two very comfy pillows. Cost:Free…. A good night’s sleep: Priceless :)

-Katrina B


Making a difference


michelle fitnpoor

Making a difference is a part of this post where I share a personal finance blog that I interact with daily and has made a difference in my life.

I have asked the blogger to introduce themselves, their blog and how they want to make a difference with their blog for the fans and for themselves.

Today, I bring you my good friend Michelle from FitnPoor who shares a little about what keeps her blogging at FitnPoor and how she was able to help a friend in financial need. If you want to read more of what Michelle has to offer head over to her blog an check it out where she blogs about her unemployment, journey out of debt and buying all the shoes she can handle.

Hi Mr.CBB and Fans!

My name is Michelle and I run the blog FitnPoor. I hope I am making a difference in my readers lives but below is what I’ve done for a friend that needed some help.

A friend of mine happened upon my post about wanting to be honest about my debt. She sent me an email the next day asking if we could sit down and talk about her money issues. She felt that no one out there was in the same position as her, and she was excited to see she wasn’t alone. Frankly, so was I!

Without our talks and my ability to research plans for her, she most likely wouldn’t have decided upon a debt repayment plan that worked for her or decided to find a side hustle to pay her student loan bills. In turn, she inspired me to keep going with my freelancing and to continue writing our stories.

Come by and check out the blog!


Blog post sharing


I really appreciate when other blog owners recognize my hard work at Canadian Budget Binder and share my posts with their fans or even mention my blog on their blog or website.

Here are the blogs that did just that this past week, so please head over and check them out. If I’m missing you it’s because I didn’t get a ping back so please send me an email and I’ll add you next Saturday.


What is a blog carnival?


Some fans have asked me just what is a blog carnival so a little explanation is due here for anyone reading for the first time or for my long-time fans. A blog carnival is where a blog or website hosts what we call a carnival of blog posts from around the web.

Most blog carnivals have a theme and certain rules for submitting which must be followed. If you are a blogger and would like to learn what blog carnival directories I submit to each week you can find the information in a previous Saturday Weekend Review post that I wrote.


Carnival Glory


A big thanks to these pages for accepting my blog posts and sharing them in the following carnivals………..



Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog. Here are a few of my favorite searches that may have even brought you here and you’re reading this, right now.

  •  If I ain’t got a pregnancy test can I use an ovulation test?- I can’t even believe I read this
  • Can Starbucks run out of product and give raincheck? -hmmm what??
  • Something worth $85.60 for girls- That just seems odd to me…
  • CBB potato- Are you calling me a potato? lol



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Photo credit: freedigitalphotos. net by idea go

The Saturday weekend review #45: Outrageous online pricing deals gone wrong


No matter if you shop online or if you shop in store human error is possible and pricing errors can happen and sometimes depending on policy can be a perk for the consumer.

Just yesterday I noticed a sale at Metro for a product that boasted the regular price at $2.99 and the new lower price being $2.99 which was exactly the same. Sure I had a laugh and took a photo of it because it was funny, but it was also human error.

Online shopping has been going on for years now and its presence is only becoming much more powerful in the world of technology simply because people don’t have to leave home in order to go shopping.

For those that are super busy or have less than optimal amounts of time to spend with the one’s they love shopping online cuts down on time.

For some people who go into a store it triggers spending more than they earn because when they go to the store they tend to ‘want’ more because they physically can touch it.

The same could ring true with sitting behind a computer screen and shopping with the simple click of a mouse and entering your credit card info or using services such a PayPal to complete the purchase.

I was reading online the other day about how a glitch on the Wal-mart website in the USA caused a ripple of  “start the car” moments on social media. Apparently from what I read it was human error that occurred which caused pricing errors online.

Wal-mart is not fulfilling these orders and I can understand why as the prices were just too good to be true. Customers were scoring deals on computer monitors for $9.00 and absurdly low prices on televisions and other items that were clearly priced incorrectly.

The interesting part is that where you might save if you wanted to get that fancy computer monitor for $8.00 if you needed some kool-aid for your kid you were looking at around $70.00 a packet. Yes you read that correct and to be honest anyone would know these are all pricing errors simply because no one sells something for $70.00 that retails at best 2/$1.00 when on sale.

I think as consumers we must be ready for these types of online gitches even if retailers have a powerful technology team behind the scenes because no one is perfect. In Canada we have the scanning code of practice (SCOP) in many big box stores which I’ve talked about numerous times as it’s a big topic for shoppers. This would be a perk if the item was higher than the shelf price and for that Kool-aid if you were in-store that would have been free under the scanning code of practice.

Although there is no scanning code of practice that I am aware of in Canada for online pricing who knows if in the future stores will put together some policy for those that do get caught up in a computer glitch like what happened with Wal-mart USA customers.


Taking care of customers


Wal-mart is obviously not honouring the outrageous pricing deals that were posted on their website to those that actually purchased them but are sending out $10.00 Wal-mart gift cards in return for the glitch they were caught up in.

I think that it’s great that Wal-mart took that extra step for their customers but I also think that this might be a turning point for those online retailers who are scratching their heads now wondering how they would have handled this situation.

I don’t know if it will go as far as online pricing guarantees similar to a SCOP but if not I think a simple tweet or email to let them know of the problem will be just as helpful. One of my fans pointed out that even with SCOP and where stores are honouring pricing errors to customers as free or heavily discounted might be one of the reasons high prices comes back to bite us in the arse.

It may be true but at the same time a happy customer is also important because that is revenue that keeps coming back or looping if you wish because the customer returns over and over to spend more money.

One comment by a reader Charlie Sommers at where I read more about the pricing error was spot on when he left the comment he did below in quotes.

I believe that if a store has a policy in place such as SCOP then as a consumer you have the right to bring it to their attention if it falls under the policy and be awarded what the policy states.

If there is no policy then simply understanding that a problem has happened and needs to be sorted out but letting them know is also the right thing to do. If a cashier handed me back too much money I would without a doubt let her know and it give the money back.

I don’t have much to show for my journey through life so far but I do have a bit of integrity. I would not expect someone to honor an obviously incorrect price that was made because of a computer glitch but then I’m the kind of guy that will point out the mistake to a sales clerk if they give me too much change. Honesty is the best policy and it’s nice to think about karma.

As a consumer do you think Walmart should have honoured the online pricing deals?

What would you say to the consumers who are causing a stink about not getting the pricing deals?


Canadian Budget Binder this week


Just in case you missed any of the awesome posts at this week I’ve got them all below for you.

Happy Reading.


CBB at home and the blog


I’ve been super busy this past week and this upcoming week I’m out-of-town on business so I’ve been taking a back seat when it comes to the blog but am still coming around to read my favourite personal finance blog posts. I think one of the hardest parts about blogging is keeping up with social media and your networks of blogs that you read every single day.

With over 100 blogs that I follow and not all personal finance I do my best to get out there and read and comment as much as I can. I think that taking the time to read a blog post from start to finish and leaving a meaningful comment is more important than slamming up any old comment just to say I’ve been around.

I respect those bloggers and all of my fans that read my blog posts and leave comments.

At home all of our Fall decor is now down and put away for the season although the hanging fern plants are still wild as ever and as much as I would like to keep them indoors over the winter i won’t be this year.

We tried that last year and it turned into a right disaster in the kitchen with dead fern leaves falling to the floor and the dog just making a blinkin mess of them. No stress this year for us and the only plants that came in are the plants that need to be over-wintered like the lime, pomegranate, figs, mallow etc.

As soon as remembrance day is over I’ll be getting outside to hang our giant lit up wreath that we bought at the end of the Christmas season last year for dirt cheap. Then I will slowly work on decorating indoors with the bits and bobs we’ve collected over the years. The  Christmas tree I’m contemplating when to put it up.

When do you put up your Christmas tree?


Fan deals of the week


This week Canadian Budget Binder fan Cynthia shares her amazing garage sale find that I want to share with all of you. If you love to go to garage sales you can even find indoor garage sales throughout the winter or simply looking for deals on-line to save some cash.

I wrote a post a while back sharing some of my favourite ways for buying and selling at garage sales. If you understand or practice the art of negotiation you can negotiate just about anything you want.

You don’t always have to buy brand new because chances are you will find someone who has the same item you are looking for or a similar item like Cynthia found below. Just last week the wife and I found some face cream that she loves on Kijiji that was unopened but for a deep discount price.

Submit your Brag

If you have a brag that you want me to share email me at canadianbudgetbinder (@) [yahoo] [.ca] by Friday each week to have your brag considered for the Saturday post.


I know I haven’t been around much lately but I had to brag a little! I couldn’t think about parting with $40 for those cute brown boots. Stopped at a yard sale, got a cute pair for $4!!

Making a difference



Hello! My name is Hayley and I’m a personal finance writer and blogger currently documenting my family’s journey to debt freedom through my blog A Disease Called Debt.  I started the blog in January 2013 as an outlet for my thoughts (and despair) at that time about our debt situation.

My hubby and I have been in debt for around 14 years now and although we have paid some of it back from time to time, it has only been this year that we’ve been heavily focused on debt repayment. Despite earning less than half of our salaries compared to a few years ago, we’ve actually achieved more success this year than ever before!

This success stems from changing our mindset about our finances once and for all. We have a shiny new budget that we stick to and we try to make extra money wherever possible to pay towards our debt.

I’m so glad I started my blog because whilst doing so, I became part of the brilliant personal finance community which I’ve found to be very inspirational and supportive. Throughout my blogging career so far, I’ve been motivated by the success stories from other bloggers and have found many resources and tools to help my family in our own situation. Blogging has also made me accountable to my readers – that in itself motivates me to tackle the debt with a vengeance!

Many people are in debt these days and it can be hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m hoping that my blog will provide inspiration, help and advice to others in similar situations. By tackling debt in a positive and proactive way, it really is possible to turn a hefty debt situation around!


Blog post sharing


I really appreciate when other blog owners recognize my hard work at Canadian Budget Binder and share my posts with their fans or even mention my blog on their blog or website.

Here are the blogs that did just that this past week, so please head over and check them out. If I’m missing you it’s because I didn’t get a ping back so please send me an email and I’ll add you next Saturday.

Just one site shared CBB this week so a big thanks goes out to Urban Departures for recognizing CBB and taking the time to share with their fans. :-)


Carnival Glory




Every week I get thousands of people visit Canadian Budget Binder because they did a search online and found my blog.

Here are a few of my favorite searches that may have even brought you here and you’re reading this, right now.

  • Canadianguestroom- I kind of liked the sound of that for a blog name
  • It feels so good to have money in the bank- I think this is going to be my next blog post because it really does feel good to have money in the bank and although it is easier said than done I believe with motivation and education everyone can save something.
  • Money will kill the relationship- In many cases money is the number one reason a relationship will fall apart but I believe that if a couple truly is in love they will find a way to make money a part of the overall world they are creating together and make it fit. You don’t always have to have the best of everything.
  • Tired of lazy people- Well we can’t change the world but if we motivate the world and we motivate ourselves to be the best we can be then that is what matters the most.


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PF Weekly grab a brew #38: Leading the CBB team plus a new blog design and move

Grab A Brew

When You Have A Team In Your Corner Lead Them

It will be 2 years January 2014 when I will celebrate the beginning of Canadian Budget Binder on a whim in my kitchen with a piece of paper, a pencil and a wild brainstorming session. Little did I know that in a short time I would have so many fans and other bloggers that are my rock and keep me going every single day.

If you don’t already know my wife is going for a major surgery next week and I’ve been very busy behind the scenes with her as she is more important than anything to me and is very nervous. I haven’t been around to comment much although I’m checking in at all my favourite blog hot spots to read and share with my fans.

A big thank-you to my good friend John from Frugal Rules and Karen at Lil Suburban Homestead and of course my in-house superstar mom and passionate lover of writing and helping others Katrina for accepting my call for help for guest posts while I tend to my wife in the next week.

I know you will love what you read and if you still want to guest post certainly get in touch with me. When I told my fans in my What’s for Dinner thread on Facebook what was going on they were more than supportive.

In fact I think the Canadian Budget Binder What’s For Dinner thread is so popular that my fans are coming together every night and becoming good friends. The thread is for my fans and they certainly all make me proud every night with all the chatting and sharing going on. You all know who you are, so thank-you.

When I logged into my personal Facebook page I noticed a comment on my wall from Michelle M and when I read it It brought a tear to my eye. I’ve run myself ragged the past 2 months with the surgery, doctors appointments and trying to role out the new blog design that she really made me feel like it was all worth it especially when it came to the blog.

Blogging is not what I thought it would because blogging is labour intensive and requires a passion for writing from the heart and a passion for the people. I have that passion and drive so I’m not going anywhere soon.

I do my best to interact every single day with all my fans and make a point to do all I can to help someone or lead them in the right direction towards someone who might be able to help them. The best part is they often lead me because like everyone else sometimes I need support and I need help and they share their knowledge with me.

I’ve also noticed my fans coming together to help each other even when I am not there and some fans tell me to take the day off (with brownie pay of course) and say that they will manage the Facebook page. My fans greet new fans who LIKE my Facebook page just as a welcoming committee would and you know, I couldn’t be happier to have them all on my side, on my team as we are all leaders when it comes to personal finance.

We all have unique stories sometimes fun sometimes sad but there always is a lesson to be learned from someone. We are a family here at Canadian Budget Binder and I am proud to be the owner of this blog and I’m proud to have a team of fans who support me through thick and thin, so thank-you. xo Mr.CBB

Below is the original message on my wall with some comments as well as a couple of comments from a new post I just put out on my Facebook page last evening. One of my fans Tammy posted something this morning that really is true about success and drive when you want something so bad. She is well on her way to being successful with her business and it’s because of her vibrancy and willingness to give it all she’s got.

Committed means you are willing to give your full energy, effort, focus and time. No one has ever been successful that has not been fully committed. Nothing runs itself, by itself … well.-Tammy B

Original Wall Post

Michelle M

I just wanted to say thanks…firstly for the Canadian budget binder page.I now have a few friends on my page who are truly and I mean truly are fantastic women. Secondly there would have been no way I would have found them by myself….I’m one blessed woman. Thanks so very much!!!

Michelle M: I should have tagged myself …so these women know this on my wall..

Mary C: And it’s such a pleasure to be a FB friend of yours Michelle!

Christine W: Thank you too!!!!

Cdn Budget Binder; Thank you so much Michelle for the lovely words. Ever since I started CBB there are have been a handful of fans that have always been there for me, the page, the blog and for each other and I’m am blessed to have such great fans sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed with the kindness. I’m happy you are happy. Mr.CBB

Mary D; Happy to have become connected with you dear Michelle. Group hug for CBB & FB.

Michelle M: ThAnks Mary Davies…you all are so wonderful….it’s hard to find great friends online..I’m truly blessed

Michelle M: That’s what I like…you all have great positive attitudes and we all are supportive of each other instead of bringing people down.

Donna P: Canadian Budget Binder has connected us all to some great friends. They seem more like family then friends. We share our daily meals.Sometimes our health, our budgets, our accomplishments and anything you would talk to your friend about. We love Mr.CBB for giving us the chance to make such great friends.If we have a question we throw it out there & we all work to answer it. Michelle it has been my pleasure to have you for a friend . You make me laugh till I have tears I’m my eyes. You are a neat person I enjoy. I love all my CBB family.

Christine W: Donna, having Mr CBB and his site is like sitting around the table coffee cup in Hand with a bunch of very good friends….. We are here for each other and together we have ourselves one heck of a support group going here. I love it and all my friends here!!!!

Cdn Budget Binder: Wow, I’m overwhelmed right now reading this. You all make me tear up when you say these kind words. I started CBB not thinking anyone wanted to listen but I’ve been proven wrong and now have a second family, my passion…. all of you. We learn together, it’s amazing… I’m proud of each and every one of you. I wish you could see me now….. I’m smiling.

Donna P: Mr.Cbb don’t ever think what you are doing is not appreciated & needed. You have connected hearts across the world. We may live all over the world but we really aren’t that different. We go through the same things in life. Now we get to share our ideas & ways. Heck !!! I get to go to Canada every night & sit at the table with my friends. Share our day & our meals.

Tammy B:  I know I have been absent a lot lately, but don’t think for a minute that I don’t often check in quickly. Mr. CBB we have created a bond, a friendship that I adore and the same goes for so many friends I have gained through this page You are a true inspiration to me and always will be

Trisha J: We stick around cause u guys rock tis fun and informative teachers should teach more this way I may have payed attention more in school lol

Donna P:  I stick around because you & the people who follow you are so down to earth & real. I’ve never felt like I was talking to strangers. You may be in Canada but you open your arms to the world. We share our recipes ,our days,our ups our downs . It’s as we have all said. It’s like the Walton’s. Gathered around a big table shooting the breeze. All the way down to our Goodnight Johnboy !!! Lol. Love ya & our family & look forward everyday to putting my feet under your table. Sharing our lives & our love for food. Goodnight Mr. Cbb . See you Friday night .Want to see how those new cookies turned out !

New blog design

Well, I know it’s been just about one year since I said  I was going to get this site re-designed as I had to hire a new designer but we are finally here to unveil the finished product. I worked hard with Greg from Engine 1 Media to create what I was looking for so I hope when the day comes (very soon) that you will enjoy the new blog as much as I do.

I’ll talk more about that re-design when it goes live. When it goes live that means I will be going self-hosted with Blue Host as my hosting company and will no longer blog here at My site will be transferred over so you have nothing to worry about. You will keep on getting my daily email if you subscribed via email.

NOTE: If you are a WordPress subscriber (meaning you own a WordPress blog and just clicked Follow you will no longer receive my daily emails. You MUST sign up via email which you can do on my home page. I urge you to do that and I will do the same for all the WordPress blogs I follow so I don’t miss sharing your posts.

PF weekly reading line-Up

If you missed any of the posts from the week you can check them out right here.

Weekly reads

Every week I share a few of the best personal finance blog posts that I read over the past week with all of you.

Top Read: Do you know your real hourly wage- Critical Finance

Top recipe

Maple Pumpkin Crisp

Since we are practically rolling in the Fall weather I wanted to start showcasing some Fall recipes like this one today for Maple Pumpkin Crisp from Erica’s Recipes which she posted earlier this week on my Free Recipe Depot Facebook page. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Every day Food Bloggers from around the world pass by my other love the Free Recipe Depot Facebook page to share a daily recipe which I share with my fans.

Have a great week everyone and I hope you enjoyed this edition of my Personal Finance Weekly Grab a Brew #38: My CBB fans are my rock and new blog design and move.

Join me again next Friday when I do it all over again.


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