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The Dark Side Of Grocery Store Shoplifting : The GGC 2018 #3 Oct 15-21

YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT BUT YOU CAN PREVENT IT   From self-check out shoplifting, retail shoplifting to grocery store shoplifting it’s a big business that costs Canadians big bucks because it’s coming out of your pockets. That’s right you pay the price as a consumer because when the store loses so does the paying customers. Today I want to specifically focus on grocery store shoplifting during operating hours because it happens far more than you think. You might ask yourself why on earth would anyone want to shoplift at the grocery store? Many reasons which I will discuss below but the main reason is money. Often it’s just not one person who is involved with grocery store shoplifting it can be an organized family event so there is much to be aware of but if you’re just there to shop you may never see a thing. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, everyone has seen opened packages just laying around shelves, on the floor or tossed in a bunker and the product missing. Where do you think that product went? Out the door or into someone’s belly that’s where. You might have heard that the best place to be a […]

Mom has meltdown over teen and financial responsibility

TOUGH LOVE, TOUGH LUCK   When a CBB fan came to me via email yesterday to help her with a problem she is having at home with her daughter I said sure. I thought to myself how difficult could it possibly be? I thought maybe she wanted a lesson on how to help her teen budget money or find ways to earn extra money on the side. Sadly, I was only half right. Teaching your kids financial responsibility starts from a very young age and some kids, well they just don’t get it. It’s easy to for kids to not understand just how costly it is for their parents to raise them and believe they are ‘entitled’ to handouts until they leave home, if they leave home. If you aren’t part of the process you won’t understand the process and that’s why it’s not until we are older that we look back on our lives and understand why our parents did what they did. I’ll be honest and say that when I first read her question the evil side in Mr. CBB came out and I thought… Why don’t you just kick your “teen with an attitude” out and teach […]

Canadian Law: Jury Duty In Canada Can Take Its Toll On Your Budget

THE LETTER THAT MOST PEOPLE DREAD   Jury Duty.. Not me… No way. Think again! While we were out for a walk back a couple of days ago we stopped by the post box to get the mail. Mrs. CBB started to read out loud, “A letter from the Ministry of the Attorney General, I wonder what that could be”. Honestly she was a bit spooked and thought something was wrong. She says you just don’t get a letter from the Attorney General for nothing, while ripping it open. A Letter for Jury Duty? She seemed confused and I wasn’t much help as I know nothing about jury duty selection and Criminal Law in Canada. Laws in Canada   Canadian Law and the Canadian Legal System is something I’m working on understanding although I’m not a Canadian Citizen yet just a permanent resident who’s been more focused on building credit in Canada rather than educating myself about laws in Canada. Although not on my top 5 things I love about Canada jury duty is still something important everyone who lives in Canada should learn about. I have not long landed in Canada from the UK but the amount I have to learn […]

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