grocery game monthly challenge

10 Breakfast Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly : The Grocery Game Challenge #2 Nov 9-15, 2015

THE MEAL OF CHAMPS   We’ve all heard that eating breakfast is the most important meal of the day but for many people we let the busy morning get the best of us so we skip it. Everyday there are school breakfast program advertisements on the television because without breakfast it’s hard for kids to concentrate. The same holds true for adults which is why we need to eat a balanced breakfast in the morning. I’m probably one of the worst breakfast eaters since our son was born but I’ve been working on changing that. With a busy morning I am that person who puts my needs aside to help take care of everyone else. Typically grabbing a coffee in the morning would work for me but now I’m reverting back to my old ways where breakfast is king. I want our son to realize how important it is to sit around the breakfast table in the morning and why it’s important to get up early to do so. While grocery shopping, I always go down the cereal aisle to see what bargains we can find. Buying cereal used to be a big deal in our house when coupons made […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Aug 20-Aug 26, 2012~Stick To The Grocery Budget!

The Grocery Game Challenge this month has shown us how much work it can be when feeding more than 2 people in a household. A grocery budget for 4 is much more challenging than a grocery budget for 2 when shopping for food on a budget. Making lunches has challenged us as we have had to buy grocery items we never buy such as granola bars, luncheon meats and cheese slices just to name a few. Although we have had coupons for most grocery items at times we have had to find the best deal we could simply by knowing our prices. An example would be this weeks Bologna for $1.89 as that is what’s been requested for lunches and that was the best deal we could find. Overall we feel we are on track playing this months grocery game given the increased mouths to feed and only being over budget so far by $32.64. How well do you cope with your grocery budget when you have more mouths to feed than normal for an extended period? Do you tend to have a stash of frugal recipes ready to cook? Shopping for this week was minimal especially with having peppers and tomatoes in the […]

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