Ooey Gooey Coconut Cherry Pie Bars

CHERRY PIE SWITCH UP!   I’ve been after something sweet to eat lately and these Coconut Cherry Pie Bars hit the spot. My wife and I love Cherries and after a recent trip to her parents house we left with a huge shopping bag full of them. My father-in-law has many cherry trees on his property and asked us to please take some as they can’t eat them all. They hate to see the fruits fall to the ground and waste so they try to give them to friends and family to eat up. Last year I made Cherry Ricotta Turnovers with homemade Marshmallow cream with cherries from their property and this year I’m making Coconut Cherry Pie Bars. I’m a huge fan of bar recipes because you can easily eat them on the run and they are the perfect snack size treats for break time or dessert. If you are wondering where the ooey gooey part of the Coconut Cherry Pie Bars is coming from it’s the condensed milk. Anytime you used condensed milk it adds depth and creaminess to any recipe and I find it keeps the bars moist so I chose to add a layer in this […]

Cherry Pie Minis…Delicious!

NOT TARTS…JUST MINI PIES!   What could be better than something homemade for a snack to take to work or school or for this weekends Super Bowl game. Is there really a difference between a tart and a pie? Yes there sure is, let me explain. A pie has a top layer of pastry where a tart is open faced with no pastry on top. You might enjoy butter tarts, lemon tarts, pecan tarts this way or you can enjoy them as pies. It’s really all about the pastry. Last year my husband struggled to get his work visa which left him out of work for three months. During that time it was crucial for us to cut our budget expenses anywhere we could. Although I normally make everything I possibly can homemade vs store-bought it was critical that I continued to do so while money was tight. Everyone loves pie because you can fill a pastry shell with just about anything sweet or savoury. The best thing about this Cherry Pie recipe is that it’s fresh and simple to make into mini pies so you can eat them on the run or for celebrations.   How to make pie […]

White Chocolate Cherry Muffin

FRESH FRUIT MUFFINS   I’ve never made a white chocolate cherry muffin before but since I had the ingredients on hand I thought I’d get creative with fresh cherries. I am happy I did because they turned out so moist but not sugary like most commercial muffins. I enjoy making white muffins once in a while adding in fresh fruits that I have on hand. One of my favourite white muffins is the blueberry muffin and on occasion I splurge making chocolate chip muffins. Muffins have long since been a favourite as a breakfast muffin or even a snack muffin. I’m pretty sure many of you would rather reach for a muffin over a donut for breakfast but be careful as they are not all created equally in terms of calories and fat content. I find it’s not often though that we see a fresh cherry muffin at the shops and to be honest they should be because they are just as good as any other fruit muffin. A muffin, especially a white muffin is simply cake that you can eat with your hands. So when you think you are eating a healthy muffin just because it has fresh fruit […]

The Saturday Weekly Review #28: Frugal fun in the kitchen with basil

Holy basil this year in our garden, I can hardly see the neighbours property through all the basil that has grown. Not really, (that’s my sad attempt at humour today) but it all brings me joy. Just when you thought you wouldn’t have enough, your seeds start sprouting and you have an abundance of green aromatic beauty before you. That’s how I feel after growing basil this year in the planters that I built with leftover wood from building our deck. Over the years we have grown basil in the ground, in stand up pots but we’ve had much more success in the flat wide pots that we continue to use them year after year. Planting basil is not difficult, but if you want to grow basil you have to start early and get your seeds in the soil so they have ample time to grow over the summer. I spent the morning today making a frugal basil pesto. I call it frugal because it doesn’t contain pine nuts or walnuts both of which cost a fortune but we don’t miss that at all. A small jar of basil pesto like in the photo above can run you about $3.99 at the […]

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