Rhubarb Cherry Applesauce

NEW WAYS TO USE RHUBARB   Although this Rhubarb Cherry Applesauce is unique compared to traditional applesauce I will say that the change in ingredients tastes great. If you love the tartness of rhubarb and the sweet taste of cherries and apples this is an applesauce you will want to try. I’m always trying to come up with recipes to use the vast amount of rhubarb our one plant gives us every year. I don’t know if it’s because it was planted practically under the downspout on the side of our house or it just likes its home but it sure does give us an abundance of rhubarb without fail every year. It got to the point where our freezer was starting to fill up with bags and bags of frozen rhubarb which I promised my wife I would make something with. Well 2 years later we still have beautiful rhubarb waiting to be used up plus the new crop we get this year. Since the birth of our son we have started making our own fruit puree and it wasn’t until my mother was here that the idea of making Rhubarb applesauce came to my mind. I haven’t had […]

Greek yogurt stuffed cherry berry smoothie

Healthy Smoothie Recipe With A Burst Of Fruit    I know what you are thinking, who stuffs a smoothie with Greek yogurt? I know because I had the same thought, until I tried it. Smoothies are a great way to cool down in the summer time whether you are with friends or simply enjoying a nice afternoon by yourself. Typically my smoothie is made up of fruits and sometimes vegetables but today I’ve used raspberries from the garden, organic cherries and bananas to bring this cherry berry smoothie creation to life. I wanted a healthy smoothie recipe that I could use the flax seeds that we got for free with the scanning code of practice (thanks Zehrs) since that is originally why we went looking for it. Our friends add the healthy flax to their breakfast smoothies to create a flax smoothie with cucumbers, kale and yogurt (no I’ve never tried that before). You don’t even taste the flax, in fact I added flax to my chickpea coconut chocolate chip cookies as well and we had no idea it was in there. Frozen fruit smoothie I often serve a smoothie that I make with a straw and a spoon as […]

Cherry ricotta cheese turnovers with marshmallow cream

Organic Cherries Fresh From The Tree These cherry ricotta cheese turnovers are so good you will wonder what took you so long to swap out the cream cheese for ricotta cheese. The flavoured ricotta cheese in this recipe makes the filling so creamy and the texture blends well with the sweetness of the organic cherries. I created an easy cherry pie filling with the abundance of cherries we had in our house fresh from the tree. I’m sure there are many turnover recipes out there but nothing like this cherry turnover that is stuffed full of ricotta goodness. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make with the cherry pie filling but I wanted to make something more spectacular than a cherry pie or a cherry tart recipe. If you have cherries in your house and you want to make easy turnovers, this is the recipe for you. Don’t be boring, be fun in the kitchen and experiment. Even if it fails, oh well that’s the way we learn, or at least I learn. The longest part of the entire recipe was making the marshmallow cream (which I had from making Twinkies) and pitting the cherries. If you don’t want […]

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