Unreal Creamy Avocado Chocolate Pudding

NO ONE WILL KNOW THAT YOUR SECRET INGREDIENT IN THIS AMAZINGLY SIMPLE DESSERT IS A HEALTHY AVOCADO!   Who knew that you could make desserts with avocado and the best part is no one will know your secret unless you tell them. I could be here all day naming the types of sweet treats that include avocado but one of our favourites is this creamy avocado chocolate pudding that will wow just about anyone who eats it. Avocados are showing up in all kinds of dessert recipes from chocolate avocado brownies avocado smoothies avocado mousse avocado cookies and cakes I created this easy chocolate pudding recipe for my wife since she is on a high-fat low-carb diet and occasionally likes something sweet to indulge in. We had a slightly sweeter version of an avocado chocolate pudding at a dinner party we attended at our neighbours house a few years back. We were in awe that the entire pudding was made from avocado! Shocked doesn’t begin to describe our reaction as it tastes exactly like regular chocolate pudding. What I like about this avocado chocolate pudding is that you can whip it up while your guests are having a chat or […]

Easy Chocolate Pudding

FOR CHOCOLATE LOVERS   We have a play date supper coming up and they’ve requested that I bring my homemade pizza and chocolate pudding. The kids will love my homemade chocolate pudding because of the deep chocolate flavour and silky texture. That’s something you don’t often find in commercial puddings you buy at the grocery store. This time of year chocolate is one product that you will see on all the shelves leading up to Valentine’s Day. In fact you will see chocolate on the shelves for just about any holiday. If you’re smart you will stock up after the holidays so you have a private chocolate stash all year-long. Everyone loves chocolate right? I know I do! (We know Mr.CBB does too!) In our house we love just about any variety of pudding from pudding cake to fruit pudding for a snack or dessert after a nice meal. As a special treat when my children’s friends come over for a visit I like to make them one of their favourites, homemade chocolate pudding. It’s not only easy to make but you will save yourself some money making homemade pudding over buying store-bought. You will always pay for the extras […]

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