11 DIY Easy Christmas Decorations For Your Home : The Saturday Weekend Review #199

DECORATE YOUR HOUSE THIS HOLIDAY WITH HOMEMADE CRAFTS ON A BUDGET   It’s that time of year again when we start to think about Christmas baking, Christmas gifts, Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas, Christmas theme ideas and all of this costs money. Lots of money, especially if you don’t budget for the holidays. You’ll certainly feel the crunch come January though when the bills come due. You can eliminate a chunk of the holiday financial stress by making homemade Christmas gifts including DIY Christmas Decorations. If you’re already tight for cash don’t go out and spend your money on Christmas decor that you can make at home for a fraction of the price. To be honest I really like homemade Christmas decorations over store-bought. One of my fans was showing off her DIY Christmas holiday frames that she’s made. I would have never have thought to re-purpose a picture frame with some spray paint, bows with sparkly Christmas balls dangling. Brilliant idea. There are some pretty cool Christmas decorations you can buy that are outdoor but you’ll pay big bucks for them unless you wait until the end of season. On Boxing Day consumers flock to the stores to grab deals […]

The Saturday Weekend Review #47: How two children share their views about rip-off prices for used toys

CHILDREN ARE SMARTER THAN WE THINK Just when you thought kids didn’t understand value and quality they can tell you what’s hot when it comes to toys and video games. Who knew that I would learn something from a child about personal finance, but I did just the other day while out shopping with my best friend and his daughter at the Bibles For Missions store. Whenever we get together we enjoy cruising through the second-hand shops to see what bargains we can find. It’s no different from when I’m with my wife except the fact that he brings his daughter so we end up in the toy department. While my friend bolted off away from me he left me stranded in the toy section with his daughter and about 6 other children jamming their hands in bins looking for everything and anything that will beep, spin and sing a tune. As I leaned on the wall I watched the kids start to get to know one another and to be honest I was in awe. The conversation went something like this…. As both children were playing with their small toys they started talking.. Girl 1- My name is Elizabeth […]

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