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9 Ways To DIY Fast Food To Save Money On Everyday Convenience Foods- The Grocery Game Challenge #4 Aug 24-30, 2015

CREATE YOUR OWN FOOD TO EAT   Life is always a balance between time and money. When we feel pressed for time, it’s easy to spend more money than we realize on fast food and convenience products. This can be true especially when there’s a whole industry based on making us believe that these foods will transform our lives There are instances when convenience is worth the price in terms of time and money. Most often we are paying more for less in terms of taste, nutrition and the time savings are not always as great as they appear to be.   It can make sense to buy prepared convenience foods   Frozen rising crust pizzas are a good example. These regularly go on sale for $3.99 and with the price of cheese and toppings it can be hard to beat that cost with homemade pizza. On a busy night, frozen store-bought pizza can be a definite money and time-saver. It takes just as long to bake one in the oven as it would to wait for take-out. We can make our fast-food and eat it, too. Pre-washed boxes of salad greens ($4.99 and Walmart and Superstore, $2.99 at Costco) […]

Milk Toffee the Scottish Tablet only 4-Ingredients

TRADITIONAL SCOTTISH TABLET   I was in the mood for something sweet so I made this creamy milk toffee which is a popular sweet in Scotland also called the Scottish Tablet. I picked this milk toffee recipe up from my mum and it’s my go-to recipe which reminds me of sweet moments when I was a little girl. This Milk Toffee recipe is also called Sucre Creme which happens to be my husband’s favourite treat and he asks me to make it at least once a month. The interesting part is that you can’t really get Milk Toffee in Canada unless you know somebody who makes it. Oh, wait a minute I do and now so can you. I just so happen to have my mum’s recipe to share with all of you today.   What is Milk Toffee?   Milk Toffee is a bit like Dulce Leche which is a toffee made from simmering condensed milk where it changes the flavour and colour of the condensed milk. It is also comparable to fudge. Milk Toffee although is sweet and hard but not as hard as a caramel toffee. If you are staring at a can of lonely condensed milk […]

Turtle Pie Oh My!

CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS   Turtle pie is one of my go-to recipes when the chocolate craving hits. If you are a fan of those famous chocolate turtles this recipe is for you. The past month I’ve been busy canning pasta sauce, salsa and cherry tomatoes for over the winter months thanks to my best friends. The great part is they know I will take their overflow of fruit and vegetables so they don’t go to waste. You all know how I don’t like food waste. Football season is full on at the moment and trying to find time to can is getting harder but it’s well worth it to have delicious tasting homemade sauces especially before the season ends and the farmer markets close until next year. Or in my case my friends gardens!   Turtle Pie   I was craving something really sweet the other day so decided to make a turtle pie for dessert. Now this turtle pie is a pretty easy recipe and one you can whip up even in a pinch. That’s why I like it. What is Dulce De Leche? When the condensed milk goes on sale normally $1.88 is a great price I will stock […]

Mr.CBB’s Festive Coconut Balls

These Festive Coconut Balls also called snowballs for some are part of our family tradition each year. Just before the Holidays arrive we load up the kitchen with baking ingredients and get to work. If you like coconut cookies or better yet chocolate coconut cookies you will love these coconut balls. The great thing about these treats are not only are they cheap to make they are an easy no-bake coconut balls recipe. So no need to turn on the oven to heat up the house and send your smart meter into overdrive.  If there is one thing I like in the kitchen it is no bake recipes or no bake foods which keeps it simple, at least for me.  Just last week we whipped up a few batches of no-bake chocolate peanut butter balls but we have to hide them because they are so popular around here. All you need is a double boiler or a pot and a stainless steel bowl and you are ready to make these elegant treats flavoured with a sweet condensed milk. You can wrap these chocolate coconut balls up for friends and family or place in the centre of a table for your holiday guests. […]

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