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How To Cost Control Your Food Budget In 2017-Join The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #1 Jan 2-8

SAY YES AND TAKE THE GROCERY GAME CHALLENGE 2017   Cost control doesn’t mean that you can come up with prices at the grocery store (imagine the chaos) rather it’s about controlling your costs by uncovering where the savings are each week. Regulate cost control of your grocery budget and you will notice that being mindful when you grocery shop really does pay off. I can’t believe we are starting the fifth year of The Grocery Game Challenge (GGC) which began in 2012 when I started this finance blog. This goes to show you how much of an impact The Grocery Game Challenge has had on our budget and those who participate year after year. What I’ve found interesting over the years is that for those that joined and bowed out for whatever reason many have come back to try again. Sadly, once you let a month or two go it can be hard to get back on track but not impossible. No matter their decision those of us who continue to post our shops know the importance of being; Organized On-time Open to Change Motivated For those who have survived my dry British humour and have stuck around over […]

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