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The Dark Side Of Grocery Store Shoplifting : The GGC 2018 #3 Oct 15-21

YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT BUT YOU CAN PREVENT IT   From self-check out shoplifting, retail shoplifting to grocery store shoplifting it’s a big business that costs Canadians big bucks because it’s coming out of your pockets. That’s right you pay the price as a consumer because when the store loses so does the paying customers. Today I want to specifically focus on grocery store shoplifting during operating hours because it happens far more than you think. You might ask yourself why on earth would anyone want to shoplift at the grocery store? Many reasons which I will discuss below but the main reason is money. Often it’s just not one person who is involved with grocery store shoplifting it can be an organized family event so there is much to be aware of but if you’re just there to shop you may never see a thing. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, everyone has seen opened packages just laying around shelves, on the floor or tossed in a bunker and the product missing. Where do you think that product went? Out the door or into someone’s belly that’s where. You might have heard that the best place to be a […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Back To School Lunch Ideas (Nut Free) : The GGC 2018 #1 July 30- Aug 5

BUILD A MEAL PLAN THAT INCLUDES SCHOOL LUNCHES TO HELP SIMPLIFY THE SHOPPING PROCESS   Since our son will be starting junior kindergarten this September I thought it would be fitting to start a small series on back-to-school lunch ideas and tips for parents. We are first-time parents sending our child to school so we don’t know what to expect apart from what we’ve learned at the one school meeting we’ve been to, online searches and random chit-chat with other parents. Shipping your child off to school especially for the first time can be terrifying for parents and the children because everything about it is new from the space, teachers and children. If you’re child regularly visited a daycare for the first years of their lives then perhaps this type of scenario for your child may be similar and not so scary but for those who did not, it’s a whole new ballgame. Since Mrs. CBB stays home with our little guy we decided late last year to put him in a daycare setting one day a week to get him used to the process of going to school. The most important part of daycare has been the consistency she […]

grocery game monthly challenge

8 Costly Baking Ingredients To Include On Your Flyer Watch-List : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #3 May 14-20

STOCKING UP IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET WHAT YOU WANT FOR LESS   Walking down the baking aisle at the grocery store or even the bulk food shop is cringe-worthy at times when you start to see the prices of baking ingredients. Here’s the thing though, you have to understand that food costs money and eating well is possible on a budget but YOU must do the work to find the deals. If you are a savvy shopper you need a flyer watch-list which simply means a master list of products that you WILL use but are far more expensive than others you purchase. This means that you will keep an eye on prices for those products in particular because when the time  and price is right you should stock up. This is where a reserve fund or stockpile budget really comes in handy for the everyday consumer. Baking ingredients have always been higher to the consumer who values pre-made products over baking only because we see what we want to see when it comes to pricing. It’s far more convenient to buy a 6 pack of muffins for $5 rather than a bag of flour for $8 especially […]

Keto Fried Mozzarella Cheese Roll-ups

THERE’S NOTHING WRONG WITH ENJOYING GOOEY MOZZARELLA ROLLED UP WITH YOUR FAVOURITE LOW-CARB TOPPINGS   Yes, you read that correctly, fried mozzarella roll-ups that you can stuff with just about anything. The best part is that this recipe is low-carb, keto and overall delicious for just about anyone who loves cheese. Oh, did I mention these fried mozzarella cheese roll-ups are practically ZERO CARB~ The cheese has a bit of carbs but that’s about it which makes these perfect for those who opt for no-carb cleansing days. How many of you like to rip the entire topping off your pizza slice and devour it? I do because it tastes so good and it’s addicting. I don’t always do that and yes I eat the pizza crust but for Mrs. CBB if you left her alone with a piping hot meat-lovers pizza you’d come back to it undressed. She loves pizza, and over the years we’ve created low-carb pizza in so many recipes some of which we have yet to post on our blog. If you love bacon and mozzarella today is your lucky day as I turn my keto mozzarella bacon bombs into something inside-out. We’re always trying to create […]

Waiting For A Living Wage To Start Budgeting Is A Bad Idea: The Saturday Weekend Review #252

MONEY IS YOUR BOX AND A BUDGET IS YOUR KEY TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM   Understanding the difference between a living wage and minimum wage is just as important as knowing your financial numbers from start to finish. Just the other day on Facebook I was reading through the comments after a sponsored post by a popular budgeting app popped up on my screen advertising their service. I suppose reading what others think about budgeting is important to me since this blog revolves around budgeting and frugal living topics. Two of the most important comments I wanted to talk about today which I read stuck in my head because I wanted to speak up and tell them, don’t wait for a living wage to budget, do it now. I’m not budgeting until I have a living wage Why should I pay to use a budget when I’m broke Your debt costs more than you think once you factor in all the interest calculated over the term of paying it back. In fact reading the bottom of your credit card statement might just shock you when you see how long it would take to pay off whatever you charged. Go have a […]

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