grocery game monthly challenge

How Customer Feedback Will Make You Richer : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #2 Apr 11-17

THERE’S ONE FEEDBACK TOOL THAT YOU NEVER WANT TO MISS OUT ON USING- YOUR VOICE   As a consumer whether you are happy or unsatisfied where you shop they most likely have a customer feedback opportunity in which you can share your opinion in order to praise or help improve the shopping experience. The last thing you want to do after finishing your grocery shopping is to fill out a customer feedback report for the grocery store even if there are perks involved. I’m here to tell you that if you do participate in customer feedback that the results will come back to you in the form of riches. A couple of years back my wife took the time to fill out an online customer survey for Giant Tiger after a positive experience. The survey also offered a monthly prize although my wife was more interested in sharing how impressed she was with the service she was given by the lovely cashier who was absolutely pleasant. The odds of winning a prize based out of all the Giant Tiger stores was slim. We received a phone call one late afternoon to be told that it was Giant Tiger and that […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Most Annoying Situations When Buying Groceries : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #1 Apr 4-10

SURVEY SAYS…GROCERY SHOPPING FAILS   Buying groceries is a must for just about everyone so unless you have your groceries delivered or rely on a personal shopper you are in charge of the shopping cart. As someone who doesn’t mind buying groceries from a few competitive stores in our area I notice a difference between grocery chains and when it comes to customers we all fail at something on my grocery shopping annoyance list below. Luckily when buying groceries many of us have the option of where we want to shop but for those of you who may live in a small town or who are without transportation or limited transportation you may have select stores to give your business too. Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad when buying groceries because funds are limited and honestly no one store is perfect and never will be. What we can change is the way we are as customers and voice our concerns so the grocery chains and even small indpendent grocery stores hear what the customers need. I’m not that guy who will fill out a customer survey right now because I’m swamped with work but I have […]

Are businesses going too far for customer satisfaction? : The Saturday weekend review #70

What makes you a happy customer?   The war of gaining customers and customer satisfaction is not new but it’s certainly become a tug of war out there between introducing products and pricing. Every week customers like you and I read about what the next shop is doing to satisfy us and draw us in.   ¬†Customer satisfaction   A recent post I wrote about “Lost business Identity” where I touched on how almost all fast food restaurants are now serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with pretty much the same items. Some go a step further and keep adding more and more to the list. What used to be fast service is taking forever thus reducing customer satisfaction meaning we go elsewhere. While reading Facebook the other day fans of Tim Horton’s had their say about what product they want the famous coffee and donut chain to bring back. It was no big deal to me as everything is new to me but I wanted to read what the customers had to say. What I kept reading was not so much about the product but about good customer service, quality products and going back to basics. It was then I […]

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