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The grocery game challenge Dec 9-15,2013 #2: How not to miss in-store weekly specials and deals

SPOT THE DEAL AND STOCK UP   Not all in-store or unadvertised deals are created equally but when you find a deal sometimes it’s hard to say no, especially if you never find that product on sale. I don’t know how many times I’ve read the grocery game challenge posts that the fans put up or posts on Facebook or forums about in-store weekly specials and deals and wish I could find them. Most times we do remember a deal w’vee heard of from someone and while at a store check it out and sure enough it’s on sale but was not in the flyer. Almost every week when the giant circular bundle arrives at our door we sift through them to write our weekly shopping list according to what is on sale and that is what we shop for exclusively… well we don’t but most people do. We try our best to stick to our grocery list and for the most part we can but when we spot a too good to pass up deal we grab it while we can, as long as we know we will use it and it will save us money in the long […]

December 2012 Canadian Budget Binder Budget Update

What happened in December in the CBB House?  Christmas and New Years have come and gone and now the bills are going to come piling in. Like many others December is a busy month for our budget although we do somewhat prepare for these expenses. We did go over in some categories like clothing for example where Mrs.CBB needed a new winter jacket and pair of winter boots. Both of which we were able to score for %50 off and they are a great quality product. Sometimes it’s worth waiting for those great boxing day sales in Canada. You can actually take that expense of $247.97 and double it and $495.94 would have been what we would have spent if not for the sales. Our gas was up slightly this month, not over budget but we spent more because we had to travel for the holidays. We also paid a bit more on the mortgage this month to make it an even $154,000 that is left to pay. Yes we have had the cash to pay that in full since last month. I’ll be talking more about this in the next little while. If you live in Ontario you know that […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Dec 24-30, 2012~Boxing Day

Boxing Day Deals kept piling up in our shopping cart today but that’s OK we planned to pick up some great deals and we did. Not everyone fancies going out for boxing day but for us we were pretty sure it would save us some money. I’m guessing many of the people working on boxing day were just as anxious to pick up deals. Our cashier at Canadian Tire told us that she wants to pick up a few things after her shift if there’s anything left. There was a great deal today spend $60 and get a $15 spending card so I don’t blame her. They were pretty much throwing money back at us and we used every bit of it. We planned to be at Sears for 6 am when they opened but that didn’t happen. Laziness kicked in and we just didn’t give  a toss when we got there because we thought if we find what we want great but we’re not running out at stupid-o-clock for a deal. We finally made it out by noon with a Tim Horton’s coffee in hand and made our way to the mall, Sears, Value Village and Canadian Tire. I personally don’t see […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Dec 10-16, 2012 -2 Weeks Until Christmas!

The Grocery Game Challenge is drawing to a close for 2012 and Christmas festivities are about to begin in 2 weeks time. What a year it has been for all who have joined in to post their grocery shops with us. I’ve heard so many great stories from all of you about how some of you have lowered your grocery budget and have made better choices when grocery shopping. Others were able to stick to their budget and continue to strive and set goals for 2013. As the next couple weeks roll in and the festivities start to come to a high this challenge will still be posted so please check in or subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss posting your shop. If you haven’t had a chance please read a guest post I wrote for my mate John at Frugal Rules titled 10 Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Budget. It really does showcase all the tips we’ve learned this year from all of you and from understanding our shopping habits. When the New Year comes in I will be posting a brand new year of The Grocery Game Challenge and this is the perfect time to join because […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Dec 3- Dec 9, 2012 Festive Preparation

It’s a few weeks before Christmas now and the festive preparation has begun starting with our Holiday Snowballs and tonight Peanut Butter Balls. This is the first post for the December Grocery Game Challenge and I welcome all new fans that are joining in from wherever you are in the world! As I mentioned in my November Budget Update yesterday next year we will be making changes to our Christmas Budget.  Just when we thought we had it sorted out we were thrown another curve ball yesterday. This is where we feel the pressures of the holiday season but should be ready. One of our family members came up with the idea to have a “gag gift” for everyone to open on Christmas Eve. She says the amount to spend is $10 which is fine but we did not budget for this expense. Although it is only $20 total for the both of us it’s more money we need to factor in for next year, just in case. The Christmas season is so unpredictable that we will really take a look at our Christmas Budget to make it as realistic as we can. Any left over money can go towards boxing […]

Mr.CBB’s Family Holiday Snowballs…Mmmm

These Holiday Snowballs are going to melt in your mouth and you will be sneaking them one by one when no one else is looking. It’s so hard not to because you can’t resist the taste and they keep calling out to you. At least that’s what happens to me. I pop one in my mouth and instantly you hear, Mmmm, Mmmm. I’m like an 8 month old child trying new flavours for the first time. It’s now December and with the festive season upon so is baking Christmas Cookies and this Holiday Snowball recipe is an easy Christmas cookie recipe. It’s pretty much no fail and really no effort at all to make. They are actually very budget friendly and the kids can help to make them as well. If you remember from reading the previous Grocery Game Challenge- Ho, Ho, Ho Holiday Treats, I gave you a full run down of what I was going to make each week in December for the upcoming festivities. The goal is to finish them all and it’s a lofty goal for us but we will try. Mrs.CBB has been making these recipes compliments of her grandmother for many years as Holiday Baking is […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Nov 26-Dec 2,2012 Let it Snow!

This is the last week for the Grocery Game Challenge for the month of November. As we ramp up for the next few weeks of snow, shopping, wrapping and parties we will try our best to stick to the budget. We thought it would be one of those month’s that we could make it through but we were wrong. There’s something about November and December and our grocery budget that it just sky rockets if we are not careful. We were doing well up until last week when we had just over $1.81 in the budget to spend but so many great deals popped up. We realized it can be hard to say no to these amazing deals that you know you can stockpile because you WILL use them. The harder part is knowing you have the money to pay for them. So, sadly we went over budget this month BUT the good news is we are away for a couple of weeks in December so we won’t need much. The hard part is IF great deals pop up which we are betting they will. This time of year the shops are in high competition mode and the deals just […]

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