6 Simple Ideas To Generate Cash Money When You’re Broke

THERE’S ALWAYS A WAY TO EARN CASH MONEY PROVIDED YOU’RE READY FOR A CHALLENGE   There are some ways to make cash money when you’re broke but don’t expect to be rolling in the cash without some hard work. With Spring around the corner there will be more opportunities to make cash money rather than shovelling snow and praying you win TV Bingo. Wishing on a star is the worst way to earn cash money because you’re risking losing money you already don’t have to spend.   Cashing out the Cash Money   The first thing someone does when they are broke is find every possible source of cash money then could have. A friend of ours who was strapped for cash went as far cash in her RRSP’s so she could pay off debt. I don’t recommend going this route if you don’t have to however depending on a few factors such as age such as this might be an option. If you are under 30 you’ll have a far better chance of getting back into the investing game with many years to accumulate as opposed to being close to retirement age. Staring at your bank account on the […]

How getting rid of junk will make you happier and richer : The Saturday Weekend Review #117

YOUR JUNK IS WORTH SOMETHING   It’s true that your junk might just be worth something although that something might not necessarily be for you. You’re not going to become a millionaire by getting rid of your junk unless tucked away you have something rare that you didn’t even know you had. If you are like most of us getting rid of junk especially if you sell it will net you a some form of profit which you can use to pay down debts or bring more junk into your home. The reality is that most people are happier with less stuff. The more stuff we acquire over the years and pack away in our homes tends to cause stress for some people who have an urge to want to keep everything clean but they simply don’t have the time. My wife is like this because she is what one would consider a clean freak. Yes, she loves everything to be clean before we leave the house. That means we make the bed in the morning, vacuum, clean the floors, no dishes in the sink and tidy up. I’m not talking about a deep clean just an organized clean that […]

Happiness Is everything: Saving Money, Buying Time

Keeping Life Simple Makes Life Easier   Keeping in theme with Mr. CBB’s post this week ‘Money isn’t everything, happiness is‘ relationships and love I decided to share a bit about my day-to-day life. You all know how hectic and busy my life is but now I want to share with you how I am making more time for things that make me happy and saving money at the same time. I’m a mom on the go so working, caring for your children and a house can be overwhelming and challenging. I strive to find the proper balance between them all. I love my job, wish I could spend more time with the kids and less time cleaning and organizing our house.   What is worth your time?   How often do you say I just need a few more minutes or a couple more hours in a day? What could you eliminate from your life or reduce the amount doing in your day to find that time? I want more time to do things like work on my son’s writing and my daughter’s drawing and spend less time doing housework. Mr.CBB’s to-do list has been great in helping me get some of the bigger […]

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