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How To Curb The Fast Food Temptation After Grocery Shopping : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #2 Jan 9-15

YOUR BUDGET WILL CHANGE IT’S COURSE IF YOU’RE NOT WATCHING HOW MUCH YOU SPEND WHEN YOU’RE NOT LOOKING.   Let me show you why you’re eating out after grocery shopping and how to beat the temptation that could send your budget into an unbalanced mess. The idea of spending $200 at the grocery store to fill a shopping cart and then buying fast food straight after seems absurd but we’ve all done it. If you want to slash your grocery budget this year it’s important that you look at all the inside and outside factors that influence the way you spend money. The temptation or the idea to cut the time you’ve just wasted in the grocery store seems appealing especially when you’re not in the mood to cook. Eating out means less time doing stuff you don’t want to do after a grocery shop. I am guilty for getting take out after grocery shopping, After all the shopping I’m tired and don’t want to cook- Ami K (Facebook) Eating before you go grocery shopping so you don’t spend more money at the supermarket is a well-known fact. Depending on what you eat and how much you’ve eaten you might […]

Kids Eat Free- Is it a restaurant lure to eat out targeting parents?

Is There Really Such A Thing As Free Food? Everyone likes to go out to eat once in a while even the frugal minded budget wielding fanatics like us. We don’t have any kids to get pulled in by marketing gimmicks so we tap into any other discounts we can get. Even a good coupon goes a long way for a once a year meal out on the town so don’t be afraid to save yourself a few dollars if you can. It’s really the kids that are what I call the cash cow for some of these establishments as well as the booze on their slow nights of the week.  Some parents have a hard time saying no to their kids when they want something and of course anyone who can make money from the crying child or the child that ‘wants’ they will be in there faster than you can shake a stick. Some may say that eating out and childhood obesity go hand in hand but that’s not always the case. I believe that we must learn the word “moderation” and be mindful of it when we put food in our mouth. I do know that eating […]

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