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Exclusive Easter Menu Ideas To Fit Your Budget : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #1 Apr 3-9

INCORPORATING NEW DISHES INTO YOUR TRADITIONAL EASTER MENU PLAN WILL KEEP YOUR GUESTS GUESSING.   Your traditional Easter dinner menu will differ depending on where you live and family dishes prepared over the years. Incorporating new Easter recipes to the menu every year not only helps to keep your Easter menu current it also creates new memories. While grocery shopping yesterday we noticed that the stores were heavily marketing Easter the moment we walked in. The front entrance smelled like Easter chocolate followed by Easter displays and sale boards. I had to keep telling myself to pretend you don’t see the chocolate. Confessed chocoholic here. This year Easter 2017 falls on April 17. Palm Sunday- April 9 First Day of Passover- April 11 Good Friday- April 14 Easter- April 16 Easter Monday- April 17 If you’re a frugal shopper like we are you may have planned your Easter Dinner menu in advance and searched or possibly even better deals. Cooking a homemade Easter dinner does not have to cost a bundle because the meal itself is quite standard even as a Sunday meal. Considering that there are impressive grocery sales exploding in the stores accommodate Easter menu ideas that work […]

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