Spring Cleaning Tips To Help Get Your Check-list Started : The Saturday Weekend Review #215

PUT AWAY THE COZY BLANKETS AND GEAR UP FOR THE SPRING THAW.   In the dark Tuesday evening while trying to fall asleep all of a sudden I hear a voice, ” I can’t wait to smell the flowers, fresh-cut grass, peppery basil and feel the sunshine on my face.” It was Mrs. CBB and I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or engaging conversation with herself. Turns out I was who she was speaking to, darn. Here it comes…say it… “We have so much to get done this Spring” and then she rolls over and goes to sleep. Related: How to start your Spring garden from seed When the snow melts and gardens look like a bowl of muck it’s a sad sight to see but with early planning and these Spring cleaning tips you won’t have to stare at it for too long. It’s not just the outside jobs that must be considered in the Spring there’s also the top to bottom clean and purge indoors. When is the first day of Spring 2017? Spring 2017 officially begins on Monday which means you’ve got some time to draw up a plan of action for this exciting […]

How we created Easter Weekend Fun For Mere Dollars : The Saturday Weekend Review #115

CREATIVITY GOES A LONG WAY   It was nice to have at least one day off this holiday Easter Weekend with my family. As Facebook is flooded with beautiful Easter photos it’s time for us to reflect on life whether it be for religious reasons of for your own reasons. My wife said to me her favourite holidays during the year are the days when everything is closed in Canada. She said she feels some sort of peace with the day as there is little to no stresses of daily living. It just seems to vacate for the day. I know not every business or operation is closed as we still need to run hospitals, fire, police, ambulance and so on but the majority of stores were closed Good Friday 2015. Although, if you are a fan of Tim Horton’s rest assured they were open yesterday and the long line-ups proved just how much money they are making when all the other coffee shops are closed. Many restaurants are open for the Easter Weekend along with some Shoppers Drug Mart stores. I guess it really depends on where you live so check your local listings. Come Easter Sunday again most […]

Mars Bar Rice Krispies Easter Treats

THE KIDS WILL LOVE THIS   You will be wondering where this Mars Bar Rice Krispies Easter Treat has been all your life once you make it. If you are a HUGE fan of Mars Bars like my entire family is than this easy Easter treat recipe will be a hit. Growing up my husband and I can distinctively remember our moms making this recipe for us every Easter. Not only were Easter Bunny Shortbread cookies and Easter Chick Tarts a hit but these chocolate bundles of heaven made us kids smile. Now that we have our own kids I keep the tradition going making these classic treats that bring back childhood memories for us along with an Easter Egg Hunt. Mars isn’t just all about chocolate either. Did you know… Mars Canada is leading the way for confectionery as well as Food and Pet Food and was founded in 1940 with our Canadian Headquarters located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. In 2005 revenue for Mars Canada hit 18 Billion Dollars and they employed 39,000 employees. The Mars portfolio has five of the world’s leading confectionery brands, including the Mars Bar, Snickers Bar, Skittles and Twix Cookie Bars, and the world’s […]

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