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Exclusive Easter Menu Ideas To Fit Your Budget : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #1 Apr 3-9

INCORPORATING NEW DISHES INTO YOUR TRADITIONAL EASTER MENU PLAN WILL KEEP YOUR GUESTS GUESSING.   Your traditional Easter dinner menu will differ depending on where you live and family dishes prepared over the years. Incorporating new Easter recipes to the menu every year not only helps to keep your Easter menu current it also creates new memories. While grocery shopping yesterday we noticed that the stores were heavily marketing Easter the moment we walked in. The front entrance smelled like Easter chocolate followed by Easter displays and sale boards. I had to keep telling myself to pretend you don’t see the chocolate. Confessed chocoholic here. This year Easter 2017 falls on April 17. Palm Sunday- April 9 First Day of Passover- April 11 Good Friday- April 14 Easter- April 16 Easter Monday- April 17 If you’re a frugal shopper like we are you may have planned your Easter Dinner menu in advance and searched or possibly even better deals. Cooking a homemade Easter dinner does not have to cost a bundle because the meal itself is quite standard even as a Sunday meal. Considering that there are impressive grocery sales exploding in the stores accommodate Easter menu ideas that work […]

How we created Easter Weekend Fun For Mere Dollars : The Saturday Weekend Review #115

CREATIVITY GOES A LONG WAY   It was nice to have at least one day off this holiday Easter Weekend with my family. As Facebook is flooded with beautiful Easter photos it’s time for us to reflect on life whether it be for religious reasons of for your own reasons. My wife said to me her favourite holidays during the year are the days when everything is closed in Canada. She said she feels some sort of peace with the day as there is little to no stresses of daily living. It just seems to vacate for the day. I know not every business or operation is closed as we still need to run hospitals, fire, police, ambulance and so on but the majority of stores were closed Good Friday 2015. Although, if you are a fan of Tim Horton’s rest assured they were open yesterday and the long line-ups proved just how much money they are making when all the other coffee shops are closed. Many restaurants are open for the Easter Weekend along with some Shoppers Drug Mart stores. I guess it really depends on where you live so check your local listings. Come Easter Sunday again most […]

Mom wants limited Easter chocolate and healthier baskets : The Saturday Weekend Review #114

SAVE THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY   No, you won’t get an Easter basket filled with carrots and apples but some parents are cutting back on the amount of Easter Chocolate their kids are eating and receiving. Move over Chocolate Easter Bunny…Easter Peeps, Props and Crafts are moving in on you. Just last week while we were at the photographers getting our sons Easter Photos shot along with other parents. One of the mothers who was also getting Easter pictures for her son was getting him all excited about the Easter Bunny and of course he screamed “Easter Chocolate”. That’s when the conversation started! One mother to another Mother 1: My kids love chocolate too much and I don’t want family and friends going overboard this year. Mother 2: I know what you mean and to be honest I’m thinking about telling everyone NOT to put Easter Chocolate in the Easter gifts for the kids. Our mouths dropped…as we deflated into our seats as it felt like they just killed the Chocolate Easter Bunny. My wife says she remembers Easter chocolate being a huge part of Easter when she was a child. Her parents would hide Easter eggs all around the house […]

Do you hold an Easter egg hunt for the kids? :The Saturday Weekend Review #68

EASTER FUN FOR KIDS   An Easter egg hunt becomes a treasure hunt game for kids and they love Easter activities just like many adults did when they were children. Easter is probably one of the least expensive yet perfect way to get creative with your kids. You can even work with your children to create their own homemade Easter egg baskets. Almost all the crafts, crayons, books etc. that you need can easily be purchased at your local Dollar store so you don’t have to break the budget. We were also lucky to find loads of Easter items at the second-hand stores and Thrift shops for even less than you’d pay at the Dollar store. Growing up we really didn’t have much in the way of family Easter traditions although my wife has many stories to tell. Fun Easter activities doesn’t always have to include chocolate either because some kids are not able to have chocolate so coming up with other Easter ideas is important for some parents. In her home Easter is a big deal as is Good Friday so we ate lots of fish yesterday including lobster, shrimp, cod and scallops. It was great because I enjoy […]

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