Mom wants limited Easter chocolate and healthier baskets : The Saturday Weekend Review #114

SAVE THE CHOCOLATE BUNNY   No, you won’t get an Easter basket filled with carrots and apples but some parents are cutting back on the amount of Easter Chocolate their kids are eating and receiving. Move over Chocolate Easter Bunny…Easter Peeps, Props and Crafts are moving in on you. Just last week while we were at the photographers getting our sons Easter Photos shot along with other parents. One of the mothers who was also getting Easter pictures for her son was getting him all excited about the Easter Bunny and of course he screamed “Easter Chocolate”. That’s when the conversation started! One mother to another Mother 1: My kids love chocolate too much and I don’t want family and friends going overboard this year. Mother 2: I know what you mean and to be honest I’m thinking about telling everyone NOT to put Easter Chocolate in the Easter gifts for the kids. Our mouths dropped…as we deflated into our seats as it felt like they just killed the Chocolate Easter Bunny. My wife says she remembers Easter chocolate being a huge part of Easter when she was a child. Her parents would hide Easter eggs all around the house […]

Mars Bar Rice Krispies Easter Treats

THE KIDS WILL LOVE THIS   You will be wondering where this Mars Bar Rice Krispies Easter Treat has been all your life once you make it. If you are a HUGE fan of Mars Bars like my entire family is than this easy Easter treat recipe will be a hit. Growing up my husband and I can distinctively remember our moms making this recipe for us every Easter. Not only were Easter Bunny Shortbread cookies and Easter Chick Tarts a hit but these chocolate bundles of heaven made us kids smile. Now that we have our own kids I keep the tradition going making these classic treats that bring back childhood memories for us along with an Easter Egg Hunt. Mars isn’t just all about chocolate either. Did you know… Mars Canada is leading the way for confectionery as well as Food and Pet Food and was founded in 1940 with our Canadian Headquarters located in Bolton, Ontario, Canada. In 2005 revenue for Mars Canada hit 18 Billion Dollars and they employed 39,000 employees. The Mars portfolio has five of the world’s leading confectionery brands, including the Mars Bar, Snickers Bar, Skittles and Twix Cookie Bars, and the world’s […]

Easter chick tarts

EASTER TREATS FOR EVERYONE   I know you think these Easter chick tarts are adorable and they are, even better to eat after a lovely Easter dinner or for a treat. Well it’s Easter weekend and I wanted something different from the Easter cupcakes to take with me for the kids when we go to our pot-luck Easter dinner on Friday. So thinking ahead (as one of the kids has an egg allergy) I thought if I made some Easter nests or as I call them Easter chick tarts. These are a great dessert for them to have that’s not too sweet, easy to make and something that they can all eat. There’s about 12 kids in the group from 11-3 so I had to do something that was tasty and eye-popping. I am also going to use my favourite cake decorating book for this recipe called “Cupcakes, Cookies & Pie, Oh My” by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson. It really is a great cookbook to have on hand to show you how to use simple everyday sweets and biscuits and turn them into masterpieces. I have used it a few times for cupcakes for my son’s kindergarten class. When […]

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