Simple Italian Tomato Salad…Buono!

YOU CAN’T RUSH A DELICATE TOMATO SALAD TO THE DINNER TABLE   Italian tomato salad with fresh basil is a summer must-have dish for any BBQ party. You’ll have an empty dish to take home and your guests will rave about how amazing the flavours were in your tomato salad and want the simple recipe. If you’re looking for a salad alternative besides greens this simple Italian tomato salad will do the trick every time. Both my wife and I live for this salad every summer which is one of the reasons we grow so much basil in our planters. Related: Too Much Basil?- Basil Pesto Cubes Nothing beats the fresh flavours of minced garlic, fresh basil and organic tomatoes. You can 100% taste the difference when you bite into a juicy organic tomato rather than the over-grown, tasteless tomatoes you can buy at the grocery store. Even though they have organic options we both gravitate towards the home gardener who has an abundance of tomatoes like her father. Every year he plants about 100 tomato plants and thousands of organic garlic bulbs for the family. It’s a fun hobby for him since he’s retired and we all get to […]

Almond Joy Cheesecake

BRINGING ALMOND JOY CHOCOLATE BAR TO LIFE   There is nothing more decadent than a luscious cheesecake especially my latest creation an Almond Joy Cheesecake. My family loves a luscious cheesecake no matter what the occasion, and are always eager to see what I will come up with next.  An Almond Joy chocolate bar was invented in 1948 and for those of you who may not have it available to you might be familiar with the Bounty Chocolate Bar which is basically the same thing. My family love my baking skills so much that they send me recipes and pictures to make for upcoming occasions. I’ve made a large cheesecake and small cheesecakes to share (sometimes), and mini cheesecakes, perfect for that afternoon sweet-tooth. This past Easter I wanted to do something a bit different for my cheesecake creation. I’ve done the traditional New York cheesecake, the copy-cat Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes, (White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is my go–to Cheesecake it’s simply divine as well as their pecan pie pumpkin cheesecake (great for Thanksgiving) which turned out fabulous. I even have my older sister who has always been intimidated of baking a cheesecake experimenting in the kitchen successfully making my cheesecake […]

Anytime Sausage Egg Pie

A SAVOURY PIE THAT YOU CAN ENJOY FOR ANY MEAL OF THE DAY   If you enjou sausages, eggs and pie this anytime sausage egg pie is a great addition to your weekly meal plan as it freezes well plus you eat it anytime you’d like. Now that’s homemade cooking convenience. This week was all about cleaning out the freezer to get it ready for another freezer inventory so I make sure we are using up the food and it’s not getting freezer burned. Since the kids were back to school and the husband off to work after the holiday it meant time for recipe creations in the kitchen with no distractions. Since the house was quiet and I was relishing the time to myself I had realized around 11 am that I had forgotten to take something out of the freezer for dinner. Into the freezer I went to search for some sausage meat which is the same sausage meat I make my delicious British sausage rolls. Once I decide on something to take out of the freezer I then must come up with a recipe for it. This forces me to think of a new recipe that I […]

Popcorn Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps

DRESS UP YOUR CHICKEN SALAD   If you are a lover of Chicken Salad you will enjoy this unique twist on traditional chicken salad with the addition of popcorn served inside a lettuce wrap. What if I said to you, that you could bring a new kind of pop to your dinner table? What if your last bag of air-popped popcorn could be the highlight of your next potluck party? I know lots of questions BUT it’s leading somewhere delicious I promise you. I’m talking about enjoying Popcorn Chicken Salad in a lettuce wrap. It doesn’t get any easier and than that and it’s a light dinner. We were first introduced to this popcorn chicken salad by our neighbour and we were no, popcorn is for the movies or at home to watch your favourite program. That’s just not heard of. Popcorn chicken isn’t what you are thinking either. It’s not like the popcorn chicken you get at Kentucky Fried Chicken. It’s a moist chicken that is full of flavour and not deep-fried. There’s no harm in trying something new like I’ve done with this popcorn chicken salad. I like to serve our popcorn chicken salad exactly like the photo […]

Hearty Steak Bakes

STEAK UP YOUR SUNDAY   I’m pretty sure many of you are scratching your heads wondering what steak bakes are but have no fear they are easy to make. The best part is that everyone who loves steak will love a steak bake. We love having a proper Sunday Lunch with all of the trimmings but every once in a while we change it up a bit and go with something non-traditional for our family. As you already know I love stuffing recipes like my homemade perogies, my twice baked potatoes and other recipes that still aren’t published. Being a mom of three it’s sometimes hard to get everything ready throughout the day so planning for me is imperative. From cleaning the house, washing clothes to making breakfast, lunch and supper including a full Sunday meal you want to have some mommy me time. In order for me to make time for myself I need to create that time by finding ways to slim back on time busters in my every day chores. What I like to do is create yummy recipes that don’t need lots of time yet my family loves. Over the years I’ve managed to come up […]

Scottish Pancakes

HOT FROM THE GRIDDLE   Canadians aren’t the only people who love pancakes. Back home Scottish pancakes were served on a regular basis in our house. Coming up with new breakfast ideas is not an easy task but one I’m always willing to test. Who wants an easy breakfast this morning? This is me shouting out asking the kids and hubby if they want Scottish pancakes and the reply is yeah, pancakes. This is also a kids pancake recipe because you can invite your kids to help prepare the ingredients as long as you do the flipping. I never ever buy the store-bought packets of mix as it truly is cheaper to make your own pancake mix. I remember just last week reading on Canadian Budget Binder fan saying that she can’t believe she used to buy boxed pancake mix and that making pancakes from scratch is so easy. How to make homemade pancakes? Easy…. read on.   Scottish Pancakes   Stop wondering how to make easy pancakes because I’m going to share with you a pancake recipe that I know will become your all-time favourite. I always make a dry pancake mix to have on standby so that all […]

Easy Cheesy Rice Pie

MEATLESS FAMILY MEAL   I know cheesy rice pie sounds a bit odd but trust me when I say it’s delicious and easy to make and great when you want to wow your family at dinner time. We love our meat dishes in this house but we also enjoy our vegetables too and my kids gobble up this cheesy rice pie every time I make it. Thankfully I don’t have picky eaters and the kids eat almost everything I put in front of them. I know this is not the case in every family but trying something new like my rice pie might become a hit and a new family tradition for you. Many times families stick to the same old recipes and that might put your family in a food rut so don’t be scared to whip something new up to see what they think. Everyone loves cheese and you can use whatever cheese you like in this rice pie dish although I opt for a strong cheese from Black Diamond so you don’t have to use as much and it cuts the fat content of the dish as well. This is also one rice dish that is not […]

Glazed Finger Buns

A GLAZED BUN FOR EVERYONE   Glazed finger buns aren’t for just anyone, they are for everyone. Since I love being in the kitchen so much I need to make sure it’s clean and well kept. I’ve been getting organized and doing some early spring cleaning today, clearing out the cobwebs around the house. The pantry has been cleaned out and re-organized, pots n pans moved, big freezer emptied and defrosted and the freezer inventory done. (Note: You can download your free freezer inventory list here) The last of the bits and pieces out of the freezer up are in the kitchen awaiting to be used into creating delicious meals for my family. I enjoy making as many homemade meals for my family as I can because it’s something I really enjoy to do for them. Homemade school treats   I am always looking for things to give my kids for pack lunches as they get bored with the typical sandwiches. Now with the banning of microwaves in the school I have to be very creative in the lunch department. This also includes the snacks I bake for the kids as it’s a peanut-free school too! After rearranging and cleaning […]

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