Sweet Hot Cross Buns

GET YOUR HOT BUNS WHILE YOU CAN   What else would be more appropriate for Easter than sweet Hot Cross Buns. I know many of you have asked for Easter food ideas and believe me I have many up my recipe sleeve. I like to create simple recipes for other to follow and this hot cross buns recipe is the last recipe you will ever need to make hot cross buns. If you are looking for a savory dish Mr.CBB has a lovely Easter Dinner in the crock-pot which means more time for you to spend with guests and not in the kitchen. One thing I enjoy about the holidays is that I try my best to pre-plan my meals and desserts so I’m not that mom who is in the kitchen.   Hot cross buns   Today I have another creation to add to your Easter recipes and one you could easily transform into a hot cross bun bread and butter pudding using my panettone bread and butter pudding recipe. I was going to whip up my cinnamon bun recipe for all of you but I’ll save that one for later. I have been busy in the kitchen making […]

Mr.CBB’s Crock-Pot Beef Stew

If you have a crock-pot (also known as a slow cooker) and ask yourself what to cook in a crock pot besides beef stew, casseroles and soups you are not alone. There are many other easy recipe creations that you might never have thought of to cook in a crock-pot which even had me amazed. I remember the first time a fan told me that she makes a cake in the crock-pot and I thought she was joking, but she was serious. Essentially, it’s because we don’t associate a crock-pot with sweet treats only savoury meals but if we use our imagination coupled with trial and error we never know what magic we can create in the CBB kitchen. I am always on the hunt for new ideas to create slow cooking recipes to add to our recipe book so the wife and I can enjoy a meal without all the hassle and messy clean-up. If you have never ventured into the world of stew and you want to learn how to cook stew, today is your lucky day. Crock-pot cooking, especially for men who don’t fancy cooking, this is one of the simplest ways to create easy recipes right in […]

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