Canadian Budget Binder-Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #1

Personal Finance Reading LIst

This is Personal Finance Weekly Reading at it’s best brought to you by yours truly Mr. CBB. It’s the first days of the 2013 New Year and I’ve changed this post name in hopes of capturing fans to drop in and check out the amazing weekly reads that I find around the web. I read alot of personal finance articles and frugal recipe blogs every week who share everything from personal finance advice to making something delicious in the kitchen. Near the end of 2012 I started to branch out and network with other Bloggers around the web to learn more about the message they wanted to share. When I drop in to read a blog post and comment I do so because I learned something from that blog post and I know that my fans will as well.

I’ve also been learning alot about blogging and some of the mistakes I’ve made and some of the mistakes I’m glad I didn’t make. Learning how to blog is not as easy as I anticipated especially if you want to build a successful website but the more you learn about what happens behind the scenes the easier it becomes. I am glad I read blogging for dummies before going live as it was a stepping stone into a world that I am almost one year into and enjoying. If it helps keep you organized you can head over to my mate Sicorra’s page at Tackling Our Debt and download her free Blog Planner. She put this together to help other Bloggers stay organized. Canadian Budget Binder will be one year old at the end of January and with that comes a give-away so stay tuned for lots of updates and a new blog design!

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This Blog was created with the mindset that Canadians and those around the world may want to learn how to get their financial health in order. I like to think that debt is debt, money is money no matter where you live. In 2013 I plan to make some new Blogger friends and continue to build relationships with my current Blogger friends who all know how appreciative I am to be part of their network. I’ll be posting this post every Friday and sharing with you a glimpse of some of the best finance and recipe posts that I read from around the web. With all this talk about the “Fiscal Cliff” and how it will attach itself to our rear ends I think that we should be proactive in our journey towards debt freedom, retirement and for some early retirement. I always refer back to the crystal ball and am proud that I just did what I felt was best for us. If 2013 is the year you want to make a difference to your finances take the step forward and claim your rights as an individual to understand and put your money to work for you. A budget is our success formula and will always be a part of our life and I hope you make it a part of yours. -Mr.CBB

Weekly Reading List 

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Learning begins with sharing! 

You are always tops in my books when you share Canadian Budget Binder! This not even close to all the Blogs I read each week so I will try to circulate blogs week by week. I hope you will all take the time to share Canadian Budget Binder with your fans as I have done for you.

To my Amazing Fans-Check out these Blogs because if they weren’t worthwhile to follow then I wouldn’t be following them. I guarantee you will learn something new -Mr.CBB

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Tweet Tweet… Goes my Twitter Followers!  

There have been so many awesome people who have tweeted my posts this week that I can’t possibly name them all. I read every tweet and many thanks to all of you. I may have to put this part of the post to rest for now and concentrate on bringing the best personal finance blog posts to this weekly reading list for the fans.

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Nov 9,2012

Mr.CBB's Weekly Blog Post Picks

Well I’m happy it’s Friday which means I get to share with you my blog post picks of the week. No you won’t find US Election or Fiscal Cliff political chit-chat going on in here but it’s over and the newly re-elected Obama will lead the way yet again for the USA.  I would like to say despite this weeks presidential battle there were some great blog post coming in from all different directions. Lately, I’ve aimed to reach out to new Bloggers each week as it’s always nice to build your circle of friends.

This weeks post will be short and likely come to you later in the evening as I’ve been on vacation for a couple of days now so I’m trying to get a million things done at once. Gosh that almost sounded as if I was saying I was multi-tasking, not! So as I endure the pain of the upcoming week, next Friday to be exact Nov 16 sitting in a movie theatre watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 please think of me. I can promise you I’ll be mind-blogging the entire movie.

Let’s take a moment to remember those brave soldiers that fought for us this weekend on Remembrance Day, Sunday November 11,2012.


Mr.CBB's Fudgy Brownies with Walnuts

These are only some of the posts I read this week and I think you will love! Go ahead grab a hot beverage some Fudgy Brownies then enjoy these good weekend reads!

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This is a list of the Twitter Peeps That I Follow that Tweeted 2 times or more from Friday to Friday Canadian Budget Binder Blog Posts according to the Follow Friday Helper App.  If I miss you, blame the app and let me know please. Cheers!

Here are a few awesome Facebook Pages to Check out! These page owners came around, chatted and shared my posts with their Facebook Fans! If I miss you.. let me know as I can’t always see the posts you share. So don’t be shy come say hi!

It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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