Homemade Carrot Marmalade

A Traditional Marmalade With A Carrot Twist   Marmalade sandwiches anyone? Well this year has been a huge success in our household with canning and I really, really got into the swing of it to my surprise. I have done some canning before but not to the extent of nearly filling an entire pantry full of goodies to last til next year.   Free food offerings   People were coming out of everywhere offering me free, yes free fruit and veg because they couldn’t keep up with how much their garden was producing. I know Mr.CBB says he gives away crab apples because the tree on his property is overflowing every year and they hate to see the apples rot. There’s not a year that’s gone by that we haven’t given most or all the apples away or used them to make our own crab apple jelly or apple butter – CBB Now you tell me who’s not going to say yes please to free fruits and vegetables if someone were to hand you a basket full of nutritious foods. I know I would struggle to say no because I enjoy being in the kitchen as it’s a passion of […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The grocery game challenge July 22-28,2013 # 4 : About food waste in Canada

Throwing Money Out The Window That’s right, this post is about food waste from the consumer’s perspective, that’s me and from what we see in the grocery store or at least a bird’s-eye view. It’s not surprise when I read that Canada wastes an estimated 27 billion dollars worth of food every year making its way to compost landfills creating high levels of carbon and methane.  I read this in a 2010 study by the Value Chain Management Centre in a 2010 review of Food Waste in Canada.  What struck me while reading the report was the quote you will read below, although it’s not shocking at all. Today I am here to say that the grocery store won and we lost the grocery game this month as we went over budget again trying to catch up for an overspend 2 months ago. We don’t feel we are throwing money out the window as we eat everything we buy but many considerations need to take place for us next year when it comes to our budget through what the 2013 year will have taught us. Canadian retailers are unique in the extent to which they rely on price-oriented fliers as a […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The grocery game challenge June 24-30, 2013 #4: Fruit and vegetable preparation

Fruit and vegetable preparation is not a task most people want to tackle as soon as they get back from grocery shopping. I know after we have spent over an hour crossing off the items on our grocery list and getting them home we want to kick back with a cup of tea and relax. Life gets busy for most  people especially with kids (if you have any), work, extra-curricular activities, school and a myriad of other commitments. The list never seems to end and for some, cooking isn’t a task they want to spend much time doing especially when it’s hot and sticky outside. Food waste We eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and do our best never to throw food away. Meal planning has helped us to create a weekly menu and we do try to stick to it the best we can. Sometimes things come up and we aren’t able to create the meal we intended to but we do eat up what we have on hand before it goes off. Another simple way that we have avoided any food waste is to prep our fruits and vegetables as soon as we get home from grocery […]

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