The Grocery Game Challenge April 9-April 15- What’s In Your Bags?

Last Week we came in under budget spending just $32.50 that’s $31.50 less than we could have spent. It is now Wednesday and we still have had no desire to go out shopping however we do need a few staples. I think going to the relatives for Easter has set us back a bit this week. Yes that means we ate too much and food has been the last thing on our minds!

I’ve posted a couple of new handy Tools for you in the Kitchen which you can print for free.

I’ll keep you all posted of our weekly Grocery Shop by updating this post as we shop.  This week we can spend $64 + $31.50 for a total of $95.50.

Here’s Our Weekly Shop

We decided to go “Pink Sticker” shopping last night and here is what we bought!


1x Glade Sense and Spray Reg $8.04 sale 50% pink sticker =$4.02-$4.00 =$0.02 Almost free there were loads but we didn’t have any more coupons :-(

Sponge Towels Sale $3.99-$1.00= $2.99

Coupons Used $1.00

Total Oop= $ 3.99

We also picked up 6 Jugs of Saf- T- Eco Salt for Winter $5.49 each-50% off =$16.50 but this goes under Miscellaneous in our budget but worth mentioning.

Zehrs #2

2x PC Pineapple Juice $2.79-50%= $2.80

1x Ace Bakery Olive Bread $4.99-50%=$2.50

1x PC thick Raisin Bread Sale $2.99- 50%=$1.50

8x Dempsters Vitality Bread Sale $2.22-50%=$1.11 each ( wish I had coupons)

3x Loreal Excellence Hair Expertise Sale $3.99-50%=$2.00-$2.00 = FREEEEEE

Total Coupons used $6.00

Total Oop=$16.40

Shopper’s Drug Mart

We wanted to take advantage of the Spend $50 get a $10 spending card

Here is what we purchased

$50 gc =$50 + 500 bpts

1x Eggs $1.99

4x Pantene $3.99-$2.00 coupons=$1.99 each

1x brown sugar Sale $1.29

2x bags of peanuts $5.00

4x Neilson Milk $4.29 each

4x Sugar $2.49

Total with tax $54.00 = 10.00 spending card given

Total Shopping This Week = $54.00+16.40+3.99=$74.39-$64.00 ( budget)= over $10.39 but we underspent last week by $31.50 making us still under budget for the month at +$21.11 extra to spend if we need it. 

EDIT** Went to Zehrs last night and picked up a few items which still falls into this weeks budget. We also found some new coupons at Zehrs so I thought I would post them here.


Here is the breakdown

4x Neilson Milk Sale $3.99-$1.00 coupons=$11.96

1x ACE bread $3.69-50% pink sticker=$1.84

Total Oop=$10.12

So we had underspent the week prior and had +$21.44 left after the last shop this week – $10.12 = +11.32 left still in the budget along with $64 =$75.32 for the month to go!!

We still have a shop free week so we might actually pull it off this month who knows!

Post your Grocery Shop for the week in the comment section below along with your grocery budget and let us know how well you stuck to the budget!

You get an Entry ballot each time you post  your shop to be entered in our MONTHLY CONTEST! You can only enter once per week!

Please see link to rules below.

Good Luck and Happy Shopping,


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