Why Is A Frugal Lifestyle So Popular Yet Humiliating? : The Saturday Weekend Review #258

MONEY HAS NO FEELINGS SO DON’T LET IT OWN YOU.   Money has no feelings so don’t let it own you, not now not ever because that circle of desire vs. need can get tricky when you lead a lifestyle you think you deserve. What I mean by this is that there are people out there and perhaps yourself reading this today who want to act rich but live a frugal lifestyle without anyone knowing. That’s all fine and dandy but what I don’t understand is why is it so humiliating that you can’t admit it? I am a self-confessed nosey person but I don’t think I ever considered finding a bargain to be a deal breaker when it came to conversation. Even when I was a broke student I would look for deals and would tell my close friends about them because I was thrilled about it. I wouldn’t pretend to them that I bought something I likely couldn’t afford to buy retail or even on sale. No, I bought it USED. You might be that person who loves to save money and considers themselves part of the frugal lifestyle movement but not prepared to tell anyone about your […]

How I Made My Move To Canada From The UK : The Saturday Weekend Review #178

  THE BEST MOVE I EVER MADE WAS TO MY NEW HOME IN CANADA.   Living in Canada was never on my bucket list until I met the love of my life ten years ago while on vacation. Once I made my move to Canada I never looked back and still haven’t been back to the UK only because starting a new life in Canada has been hectic for the wife and I. Our years have been so busy for us in Canada that it’s taken me this long to get on my feet financially and in a career that I love after going back to school for a second time. Since coming to Canada and going back to school, starting a new career and having a baby we’ve also paid off our mortgage and are debt free. Life is good and we are thankful for everything. We do have plans to head back to the UK for a visit in 2017 but for now we will continue to live the Canadian dream or at least, our dream. As the stock markets tumble after the shock of the UK Referendum (Brexit) where voting determined that the UK was pulling out […]

Would you spend money at a restaurant without free Wi-Fi? : The Saturday Weekend Review #80

TURN OFF THE TV AND EAT YOUR DINNER   When I was growing up nobody I know had heard of Wi-Fi (I’m showing my age). When we sat down to eat family dinner we enjoyed our food with no distractions except friendly conversations with each other. Today it seems the complete opposite where families have dinner with the television on while surfing the net on their smartphones, tablets or other devices that hook up to the internet. Family values certainly have changed and maybe if we just put our devices away we’d learn more about each other rather than what’s happening on Facebook. Same goes with dating and devices. If you want to meet someone forget about your darn smartphone while you are out and look up. No one will ever approach a face that is looking down. This is the reality though in many establishments in Canada and around the world. Is free Wi-Fi really in demand? What is Wi-Fi? If you don’t know what Wi-Fi is then you must be living under a rock, right? Well, not everyone knows and I’m betting that my parents who don’t even own a computer let alone a cell-phone couldn’t tell you […]

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