The Saturday Weekend Review #23: In-Car Espresso, Home Prices and The Garden

When Saturday rolls around I know it’s my time to reflect back on the week which gives me a moment to check in and see how we’re doing in terms of our goals for the month. So far, so good. Home Prices Not a big shock to read on Yahoo this morning about Canadian home prices and how they are far too high. It’s no surprise and I’m betting there will be a correction to the market, the question is when. Royal Bank has already announced they will be raising their interest rates  from one-tenth to two-tenths of a point depending on the mortgage come Monday according to the Yahoo post affecting mainly the 5 year closed mortgage term. That house I told you about last week in my post  one house, one home, two mortgages and a pool, well it sold. It sold only after they reduced the price further this past week. To be honest I still believe it was overpriced and I hope the new owners have no plans to move any time soon. Good for the sellers, I’m sure they are relieved after 2 price drops that the home sold. They did lose money though having […]

The Saturday Weekly Review #21- End of May And A Dog and Garden Update

It’s near the end of May so a garden and a dog update is in order even though the weather has been less than cooperative. I was hoping to have all my plants in the ground by now but that’s far from what’s happened.  It’s nice to see all the neighbours outside now though cleaning up their yards and gardens keeping the neighbourhood tidy. With the weather being so unpredictable lately it seemed like every time I wanted to get some landscaping done it would rain. I’m happy to say the worst of the landscaping job is done and I probably saved myself a couple of thousand dollars doing the work myself. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve brought our plants in and out. I was outside last night covering our fig tree and planter boxes in case they were damaged with the expected -5 wind chill.  All the other plants that were movable came inside for the night. I guess that’s one thing about having lots of plants is that you need a back up plan just in case frost does hit. You want to protect your investment but at the same time you don’t want to go […]

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