When You’d Rather Be A Redneck Than a Rich Girl : The Saturday Weekend Review #179

  Just because you call yourself a redneck doesn’t mean you are a funny talking, uneducated, financially unstable hick who only thrives in the country-side. Being a redneck means you don’t give a rats about high society or being part of what some would consider a life draped in gold without the essence of understanding the true meaning of the words, living the dream. So often I see status updates on social media alongside a photo that says, “Living the Dream” and honestly there are times where I’ve wondered where in the photo that dream was. It occurred to me that what someone else finds motivating, entertaining, peaceful and rich is not how others view it. However, when we compare people who have money society believes they are in fact the lucky one’s who are living the dream, whatever that is. It all boils down to the ability to have “stuff” and potentially less financial stress. Not all rich people have vanished money concerns either because as their estates, adventures and toys grow so does debt and bills. While enjoying the Canada Day festivities yesterday we went to our friend’s house for some backyard fun in the kiddie pool, cold […]

How to keep the romance alive on a budget

WHEN YOU FIND TRUE LOVE CHERISH IT   Expensive restaurants, weekend getaways, fine wine and jewellery are great to splash out on for the love in your life, but it can be really expensive to maintain that level of  frosting in a relationship. There are alternatives to these purchases that cost a lot less but still mean a great deal and say “I’m in love with you”.   The little things in life   Being romantic doesn’t necessarily imply that you run out and spend lots of cash on shiny things, quite the opposite depending on who your partner is and how you both view personal finance. A hand written love letter seems to be a lost art these days, especially when you post it so your loved one receives it in the mail. A card you bought from the dollar store can say “I Love You” just as well as that $5 Hallmark card version from the mall but you can afford that little effort more often. You can go the Full Monty and make a card from scratch depending on your skill level in the art department. I’m not sure that I would qualify as Hitch the professional dating doctor out to fix every Albert and […]

Cheap Summer Family Outings-Not Everything Has To Cost Lots Of $$ Money

By: Canadian Budget Binder Have you ever noticed once the winter sets in most people are comfy sitting inside with the family watching movies around the fire,eating popcorn or playing games. Well that gets old, although it’s a fairly cheap night in with the gang. Then suddenly our lawns turn from white to blah and from gremlins to warriors we battle our way to sun, sand,music,parties and the smell of barbeques! (beer in hand I might add) Yes, it’s that time of year in Canada where we start to hear the lawn mowers running,the birds chirping and your neighbours spring cleaning their homes. Then we have the  kids who are anticipating or better yet counting down the last days before summer vacation. We’ve hung up our snow gear to dust off the next seasons attire because it’s time to get out and get moving again. When we think of fun for the family we automatically think money don’t we. Yes money can get you top-notch entertainment but not everything that is fun and educational costs money . Keep in mind not everyone has money to save for family getaways or short jaunts around the city. It also doesn’t make sense […]

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