How We Saved $146.90 By Reading The Paper

It’s not everyday reading the paper gets me excited but I sure did this past week. In fact my wife is proud of me and I’m pretty proud of myself for scoring this great deal. For some people money and debt go hand in hand so every time we can save a buck we jump at the chance. I know you are thinking, big deal it’s only $146.90, what are you so excited about? That’s alot of money, that’s why, at least to us it is. Our grocery budget is $235 a month and that chunk of money although small could feed us well for a few weeks. I’m not sure I’d be the only one giving $146.90 up if the offer was on the table. I’m also betting there will be those people who think I’m a cheapskate for doing what I did in order to get this money. Do I care what people think of my money-saving ways? Not really, it’s our money for starters and the store puts the policy in place so consumers “do” take advantage of it. This is one way retailers keep their prices competitive and keep their customers happy. I’d consider myself frugal […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge #2 April 8-14, 2013~Tracking Grocery Expenses

We’ve talked in the past about tracking grocery expenses in order to help cut expenses and stay true to your monthly grocery budget. The average household grocery budget is likely to accumulate more in unplanned products in the shopping cart unless they have a list of groceries and a plan of action. When we started to track grocery spending seriously, I’m not talking when we felt like it, I mean every week, things started to change for us. What we thought were grocery savings actually ended up costing us more in the long run and that’s when things needed to change. No, we don’t use a fancy grocery tracking app, nor do we think it should take hours to know how much money groceries cost us each week. The Grocery Game Challenge essentially is the simplest grocery expense tracker around and we are growing each week with more fans joining in on the action. The more we learn about grocery bills and how they affect our overall budget the more we want to improve the grocery game. Many fans have sent in their suggestions and we have implemented them as we go along. The grocery game is a work in […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge #1 April 1-7, 2013 ~ Price Comparison Grocery List

Welcome back to the Grocery Game Challenge #1 for April and with the unveiling of  our new price comparison grocery list I’m sure our budget will be the same if not better than last month. I know many of you have posted your weekly grocery shops here with me for over a year and know I’m always looking for ways to improve our spending habits. If anything it’s you the fans who have helped the grocery game grow to where it is today with your ideas and suggestions. In the past on Canadian Budget Binder we talked about using coupons and how effective they are, especially when combined with a grocery store weekly flyer sale. One topic we touched on was why it was important to know your prices in order to get the best deal possible in your local area. Many people don’t know the regular prices of their favourite products at the different grocery shops and end up spending more and saving less even while using coupons. I know some of you don’t have the luxury of having many shops in your town but when you do get out to the city to shop having your list ready with […]

Let Your Coupons Expire And Save Money!

YOU DON’T NEED TO USE EVERY COUPON THAT YOU GET YOUR HANDS ON   I know it sounds strange that I’m saying to let your coupons expire and save money but the reality is for some people, they can’t let them expire. The coupon binder seems to be a fixture in most grocery carts (British: shopping trolley) these days and if you don’t believe me have a gander inside other people’s carts next time you shop. I’m not saying it’s a negative, but we stopped bringing our binder because we would overspend on the odd occasion while shopping. Now we leave the coupon binder at home or in the car and only take out the coupons we need for that shop. There’s not many times we have the heart pumping “start the car” moments anymore and we’re happy with that.   What We’ve Learned    If you follow Canadian Budget Binder you know that I started The Grocery Game Challenge  (GGC) back in early 2012 with much success over the past year. The birth of the GGC was because my wife and I were spending far too much money on groceries for 2 people. We thought we were doing better than […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge #11 March 11-17, 2013-Shopping Twice A Week!

I know I said we would work on staying out of the shops during a “no-shop week” and we’re working hard at that. We now have to worry about us going back into the shop a second time in the same week. It’s not much and we aren’t over budget and some of you might laugh but for us we are trying to work at making this a way of life so we aren’t spending more in the grocery budget. It’s all these triggers that keep popping up that make us think about our actions. If we went out everyday to a new grocery store I’m betting it would make it tough although some people do enjoy shopping like this. We like to get it all done one day a week and move on with other projects in our lives. Being here is what is keeping us on track especially posting the grocery shops where we need the most help in our budget. What Went Wrong Mr.CBB? It’s simple, we forgot our coupons on the kitchen table that we were supposed to take with us in addition to what the wife had stashed in her luggage (a.k.a-The Handbag). We normally […]

How I Reduced Our Grocery Budget From $1100 To $600 In 6 Months

ABOUT OUR FAMILY   We are on a very tight budget with food being the second greatest expense, preceded only by our mortgage. My husband and I have spent most of our family years raising our kids and figured we would have plenty of time to save for retirement. Retirement has arrived for my husband and is staring me in the face and we are trying to get our financial house in order. Our kids are the joy of our lives but raising 4 of them has proven to be costlier than we would ever have imagined. This is our story about how we are beginning to climb out of debt and onto the road towards financial freedom. It is never too late to take control of your financial future. My family is a single income family of 5 (two parents and three grown kids at home). Last summer, I sat bemoaning my situation (out of control debt and never enough money at the end of the month) and wondering where my money, which in theory should be sufficient to meet our needs, went. I am a professional person and make a modestly decent income, but through the wonder of the […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge #8 February 18-24, 2013~Buy Now or Buy Later

Image Courtesy of digitalart/ Buy now or buy later is something that runs through our minds when we are looking at the weekly flyers or when we are inundated with bargains at the shop that were unadvertised or are too good to pass up. We ask ourselves 3 questions Is this the best price? Do we really need it? Can we afford it in the grocery budget? Often we are faced with these dilemmas because we don’t want to pass up an opportunity to save our family some money. Earlier in 2012 we had guest blogger who shared their thoughts on knowing prices and how to that’s the key to saving money on your grocery bill which leads us to wonder whether we are taking the time to learn them. This week the milk is on sale at Food Basics for example for $3.88 and we have a $1.00 coupon off when you purchase any Lactancia milk. We use milk mainly for coffee, tea and cooking and typically will pay $4.19 at Shoppers Drug Mart to purchase our 4 litres of  milk so we can get Shoppers Optimum points fast. With the $1.00 off coupon this week we would pay $2.88 for 4 litres of milk. So, […]

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The Grocery Game Challenge #6 February 4-10, 2013~ What Foods Not To Eat, Organic and Gardening

Photo Credit I was reading an article yesterday on Yahoo about 9 foods that we should never eat and wasn’t sure what to make of it. What I did realize though was how important growing organic food was and why we do it every summer. One of the items on the list was canned tomatoes which we use in the off-season for making pasta sauce. It states that it’s not that tomatoes that are the problem it’s the can. The can itself apparently has a harmful chemical called (BPA) Bisphenol A which is a chemical found in hard plastics and the coatings inside food and drink cans called epoxy resins. They behave in a way like estrogen and other hormones in the body. After reading more about the potential health effects of this chemical I’m shocked they are even allowed to be using it. The article goes on to say that it’s best to find tomatoes in a jar rather than a can. We typically buy our tomatoes in the can. A few other foods in were deli meats which they say are crap, which for the most part may be true as they are full of sodium, hormones, antibiotics […]

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