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Welfare Food Challenge- $26 A Week for 1 In The Grocery Budget

If you are following Canadian Budget Binder on Facebook you may have read that I have joined the Welfare Food Challenge out of British Columbia beginning Oct 15-22, 2012. Although I live in the Greater Toronto Area my mate Steve Zussino at Grocery Alerts  who is also taking part in the challenge knew I ran the Grocery Game Challenge and encouraged me to join. In Ontario there are 2 programs Ontario Works which is temporary assistance to those in need and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) for those with disabilities. Together these programs alone help over 850,000 Ontarian’s each year. What is the Welfare Food Challenge? This challenge was put in place to show the government in BC that of the $610 they give monthly to a welfare recipient $26 a week for food is not sufficient considering this does not include other necessities such as a hair cut or clothes. Although Mrs.CBB and I have only $190 a month in our grocery budget outside of this challenge that leaves us $47.50 per week for us to shop for 2. The difference with this challenge is you are starting from scratch meaning you have zero items on your pantry list and you […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Sept 10-16 ~Almost Fall!

Soon enough the Fall leaves will start to turn colour on the trees and the leaves will fall to the ground. The children will be merry and the parents saddened to have to rake the leaves although I bag them and use them for compost on my garden the next year. The nights are getting chilly but the garden seems to be blooming the best it has all year with new flowers on the go each and every day. I can’t tell you how thrilled we’ve been to eat tomato salad pretty much every single bloody night. If you detect some sarcasm, you are not far off, but I’m sure I should have nothing to whine about. We grew over 40 plants from seed this year far more than any other year where we typically had 8 plants. We will be scalding some soon and putting them in the freezer as the novelty of organic tomatoes has run its course in CBB cuisine. Our Crab Apple tree is now empty of the beautiful apples since we made crab apple spice jelly but apple crops are in full swing in and around Ontario. You may notice the prices have soared and that’s all […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Sept 3-9,2012 Back to School!

  Well today is the day all the student’s head back to school in Ontario for another fun-filled year. I’m sure many of the kids have already started a 2013 Summer Break Countdown. Most of all, no more babysitting costs for those parents that work and have to pay someone to look after their kids during the summer holidays. They can save some money in the budget but if you know you will be paying for a babysitter each year you can start saving now as a projected expense for next year. One of our readers sent her kids off with a smile this morning yet the kids frowned the loss of fun-filled days doing nothing but hanging out with their friends. Of course kids just don’t know how easy they have it, do they. How many times do we think to ourselves “why was I in such a rush to grow up”. Last month with our young of town guests staying with us we saw a rise in our grocery budget. We can only imagine what other families go through having to buy or make snacks for the kiddies. This month Mrs.CBB and I aim to keep the budget under […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Aug 20-Aug 26, 2012~Stick To The Grocery Budget!

The Grocery Game Challenge this month has shown us how much work it can be when feeding more than 2 people in a household. A grocery budget for 4 is much more challenging than a grocery budget for 2 when shopping for food on a budget. Making lunches has challenged us as we have had to buy grocery items we never buy such as granola bars, luncheon meats and cheese slices just to name a few. Although we have had coupons for most grocery items at times we have had to find the best deal we could simply by knowing our prices. An example would be this weeks Bologna for $1.89 as that is what’s been requested for lunches and that was the best deal we could find. Overall we feel we are on track playing this months grocery game given the increased mouths to feed and only being over budget so far by $32.64. How well do you cope with your grocery budget when you have more mouths to feed than normal for an extended period? Do you tend to have a stash of frugal recipes ready to cook? Shopping for this week was minimal especially with having peppers and tomatoes in the […]

Reader Question: Meal Planning For The Budget

Meal planning and budgets go hand in hand but not everyone takes the time to do them. Although meal planning is a weekly chore the more you do it the easier it will get for you. For people who want to stick to a grocery budget creating a simple meal plan helps them to be creative in the kitchen while saving money in their wallets. This week’s reader question pertains to my nightly “What’s For Dinner” post on my Facebook fan page. If you follow the blog regularly you know that we have a Grocery Budget of $190 a month. We work with this number to create healthy, quick, frugal meals whilst trying to get the best bang for our buck. We often have people ask us how to grocery shop because they want to learn how to save money in their budget. It all starts with a commitment otherwise you may make it through the first week and return to your old ways. You also know that we like to use coupons but only on items that we know we will use in our meals. We have gone back to basics and have saved so much just by cutting out the “wants” and […]

How to Start Saving Money on Groceries in Canada

BEING FRUGAL IS HALF THE BATTLE   With the cost of living in Canada getting more expensive by the day, grocery bills are on the increase more than ever which makes groceries a top expense in our family budget. For a lot of people, saving money on food is crucial and especially a priority for those who have large families and pets. Some people simply rely on coupons to put a hot meal on the table for their children and family. Grocery coupons go a long way to helping to cut down the cost of food and household items, but there are also several other things you can do to save quite a bit of money in this area. Combining the use of grocery coupons with effective meal planning is probably the most effective technique, and these are habits that can be learned just by making a few simple changes in your daily routine. Making some simple sacrifices in the way you plan, shop and cook your food can substantially decrease your grocery bill if you follow a few simple guidelines. Over the past couple of years I have worked towards making some simple changes to my shopping habits and now […]

How Much Should My Grocery Budget Be?

SAVING MONEY WITH A BUDGET   Last week Mr.CBB asked me, “What do you think is a reasonable weekly grocery budget for 1 person in Canada?” The question got me thinking: You can’t define a single weekly grocery budget that will work for everyone because there are too many variables.   Determining your grocery budget   First and foremost, a budget is determined by income. Some people can afford to spend more on food than others. A Budget is also affected by food prices, which can vary depending upon your location. For example, because the weather is inhospitable to farming and the location remote, food will always cost more in the Yukon than it will in Ontario. Through need or preference, some people will have special dietary needs. If you need to buy special ingredients due to an allergy or illness, or if you choose to eat only organic foods, you can expect to pay a premium for shopping to accommodate those requirements.   How much effort are you willing to put in?   Grocery budgets are also affected by how much time and effort a person is willing to invest in food preparation and meal planning. When I’m not earning a pay-check we spend less money on […]

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