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24 Types Of Grocery Shoppers You Will Meet : The Grocery Game Challenge 2018 #3

YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU WILL BUMP INTO AT THAT GROCERY STORE   YES, you will meet them all and perhaps you fit many of the models of grocery shoppers I will be talking about today in hopes of helping you understand more about the depths of marketing and self-awareness. When grocery stores work on their marketing plans part of that process involves catering to the different types of grocery shoppers that visit their stores every single day. Marketing teams explore all facets of shoppers because they want to make sure they capture them and keep them coming back for more. This is how money is made all over the world. The reason for this is because different personalities tend to shop differently whether they buy more or less based on the way they take-on the grocery shopping experience. Keep in mind that grocery shoppers may shop based on their generation as well their likes. I read a recent article that said there were 4 types of grocery shoppers. Consider both the Baby Boomers and Generation X who may have more disposable income since one may be retired or are living near or debt free and the other at home […]

grocery game monthly challenge

7 Secrets Of The Grocery Shopping Deal Sniffer : The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #4 Apr 25- May 1

BLINK AND YOU’LL MISS THE SAVINGS   I would consider myself a grocery shopping deal sniffer because I’ve taken the time to learn as much as I possibly can about grocery shopping in Canada even though I knew nothing only 8 years ago. What is a deal sniffer? When I moved to Canada I had no idea about any prices and was led by my wife who helped get me on board with how things happened at the grocery store. I was always a deal sniffer in the UK and I even had a hand scanner similar to the Nielsen Hand Scanner where I scanned my groceries for rewards points. I did just about anything to save money as long as it was legal even if that meant eating the same foods week after week. My kitchen isn’t that boring these days because now I’ve got my grocery shopping goggles on the second I walk through the door. A deal sniffer is someone who knows their stuff when it comes to grocery prices, the grocery store and other places that sell food products. They know where the deals are how to find them and what they need to do in […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Product strategy change may equal grocery savings: The grocery game challenge #3 May 12-18, 2014

A MARKETING PLAN IN ACTION   Sometimes a new business strategy or product strategy forces a company to make changes to their product. In some cases it’s simply the packaging of the product that is changed. Either way any of these new product design ideas mean that the manufacturer likely wants to get rid of old stock products off the shelves in the grocery stores and retail big box stores to make way for new product packaging. I often wondered if the same product was on the shelf and you would see a new and improved label on a product whether the earlier product was any good or not. I’m sure they mean that their other product was great but this is even better. I’m not sure but for the most part they need to keep the product fresh, up to date and appealing to the customers.   Product strategy   What is a marketing strategy? For the most part to me it means they want to find the best way to communicate a new or improved product to the customer, get our attention to purchase items and that means finding appealing ways to do it. It might mean product […]

Spending cuts and increases: Budget Update Jan 2014

COUNTING THE CHANGE   Staying on top of our end of 2013 budget spending cuts and increases are going to be critical for us in the 2014 year. If you missed our December 2013 budget update you can go back and read about where all of our money went and how our budget has changed for 2014. I’m pretty sure that 2014 will be full of surprises for us so we want to be prepared for the unexpected at least with money set aside for emergencies after the mortgage is paid. With our mortgage coming due in April to the exchange rate rising we hope that we are off to a bit of a kick-start. Hopefully in the next month or so we will meet with our financial advisor to go over our investments. We’d like to make some changes for the 2014 year and maybe even talk about if we can get a further discount for being 2 years smoke-free on our life insurance policies.   Spending cuts   Spending cuts came to us in the form of having to spend less in a particular budgeted category or having to move money in the budget to balance it out. […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The Grocery Game Challenge Oct 21-27, 2013 #3: Buying when there is a product limit

A Limit Means A Limit For A Reason   When grocery shopping on a budget and you scour the giant weekly ad flyers that come in the mail you are always searching for the best product prices on everyday items you use in your pantry. If you are a player of the grocery game here at Canadian Budget Binder you know sticking to your grocery budget is imperative to meet your monthly and yearly goals but factoring in some amazing weekly deals is also something to be considered when creating your grocery budget. It’s essential to make sure that you are stocked up so you can create healthy meals for yourself or your family and of course the grocery savings are imperative especially when you want to stick to your grocery budget.   Product limits   When big sales happen for various grocery stores estimating limits for products is a game they have to play otherwise they may run out of product for the customers. The grocery store doesn’t want to overstock a product in which case they may be stuck with it if it doesn’t sell or potentially have a return if that is allowed. I can only assume […]

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