5 Easy Ways To Price and Sell Used Clothing: The Saturday Weekend Review #198

LOW COST FASHION FOR THE RIGHT PRICE   If second-hand shops can hike the price for the used clothing donations they receive then you should save yourself the trip, sell your own stuff and pocket some extra cash. Even the smart frugal shopper knows that some of the second-hand shops sell overpriced clothing so if you want to sell price your used clothing right! Not everyone wants to make money from their used clothing for various reasons but if you want to pocket some cash then don’t delay post a for sale ad today. That’s my radio jingle of the day, lol. Seriously though, for those of you who have sorted through your closets, dressers and boxes of old clothes you’ve been saving let me show you how to sell them for the best price. Pricing used clothing is like selling a house, it can sell quick or can spend some time on the market waiting for the right buyer. If you price your clothing too high then it likely won’t sell unless it’s a unique, limited or a hard-to find clothing item. Same with a house. Negotiations almost always come into play with all buyers but if they don’t […]

How To Protect Your Property From Open House Theft: The Saturday Weekend Review #197

YOUR OPEN HOUSE IS A CANDY STORE FOR POTENTIAL OPEN HOUSE THIEVES.   Open house signs seem to be flooding the real estate market these days especially during the Spring, Summer and Fall months when the weather is nice in our neighbourhood. A successful open house means that you’ve had potential buyers come through, nothing was broken, nobody was injured and you didn’t get robbed due to open house theft. Open houses today are met with homeowners and real estate agents being more cautious than they once were because open house theft continues to happen every single day. Do you really need an open house? You don’t need to have an open house but if you want one it’s important to know what you’re getting involved in especially security risks.   What is an open house listing?   Once you’ve established that you want to sell your house and you’ve signed all the papers and met up with your agent at their real estate office you may consider an open house. The same rules apply if you are a for sale by owner representing yourself because now you’ve got to do the legwork to make sure you protect your investment. […]

Why Has My House Not Sold?

“WHY HAS MY HOUSE NOT SOLD”?  In all honesty, this is a question that a Realtor never wants to hear. It is, quite possibly, the first sign that things are not going as smoothly as you would have hoped for. I can tell you, from personal experience, when I list a home for sale I do so with a clear marketing strategy in place. I know where and when I’m going to advertise, hold open houses and I know at what stage we may have to adjust things. Invariable things may not always go to plan, but by discussing and agreeing your entire strategy at the beginning of the process you are establishing an understanding with your clients. Any home may take longer than “average” to sell or in many instances; any given home owner may change the entire plan with a moments notice. You have to be willing to adapt your strategy or expectations. Here is my list of what I consider, to be the six most common (in no particular order, yet all equally important) reasons that your home won’t sell. Price: Pricing a home can be tricky but it is one of the most common reasons that a home […]

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