grocery game monthly challenge

8 Frugal DIY Christmas Baking Gifts In A Jar : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #3/4 Nov 13-26

CHANGE THE WAY YOU GIVE THIS HOLIDAY WITH HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS BAKING GIFTS THAT FIT YOUR BUDGET   This year Mrs. CBB and I decided that we were going eliminate baking our famous Christmas cookies and replace them with inexpensive yet posh Christmas baking gifts. Will making homemade Christmas Baking Gifts cost more money? Well, that depends on what you are putting in your gifts and how much you are willing to spend on ingredients. We set the dollar amount for the Christmas baking gifts to be around the $5-$7 mark (that’s our posh). By doing so it allows us to splurge a bit on some ingredients and save on others. This may seem a bit odd but as a family of 2 adults and 1 toddler where we’ve cut out sugar from our diet having loads of sweet treats around is too tempting. Who wants to lick the spoon? How tempting that would be for me!! Ah! Most years we would always have extras hanging about and my mother-in-law would always try to get them but since she’s diabetic we’ve also decided that maybe it’s not so good of an idea. To add more fuel to the sweet tooth fire […]

grocery game monthly challenge

Crack the Whip Potluck Etiquette For Hosts and Guests : The Grocery Game Challenge #4 July 24-30

THE RULES AND RECIPE IDEAS FOR A FUN POTLUCK PARTY   Today I want to talk about potluck do’s and don’ts and how you can have a frugal party without extra expenses. Accepting an invitation to a potluck party means that you will put some thought into the dish you plan to make. This doesn’t always happen which ends up in potluck nightmare. What is a potluck party? A potluck is a party where a host offers their home or backyard and guests bring planned dishes. Some friends host parties once a month to balance the costs of food during the summer and winter months for each other. The host typically makes the main dish but this is not a rule. The worst thing you could do for a potluck is drop by the local grocery store on your way to the party to purchase something pre-made.  That’s a no-no in my books unless you have a legit emergency where you were unable to make something. Ideally planning your potluck dish ahead of the party would make things easier.   Potluck Host Etiquette   The perfect potluck would have a variety of dishes but to achieve this the host must […]

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