Happiness Has Become My New Rich : Net Worth Update June-Aug 2017 (+0.43%)

BE THAT ONE PERSON WHO PUTS HAPPINESS FIRST AND YOU WILL FIND THE GOLD YOU TRULY SEEK.   The richest man or woman is the one who believes that happiness comes before money. In a sea of unhappiness because of job loss, minimum wage, health and all things related to money be that ONE person who puts happiness first. I knew the time would come where I’d have to write a post like this and tell everyone, we spent a large amount of money. Don’t worry I’m not crying over financial loss rather I’m jumping for joy because I understand more than ever what happiness is. I talk to many people daily while networking on social media many of which are not rich in numbers but seem to be content. They don’t have everything they’d like to have but they get by and still manage to have a laugh and create fun instead of buying it. You don’t have to sail around the world to be happy, only YOU can do that. Money doesn’t buy happiness, bla, bla, bla. I know you’ve heard that and it is the single most smartest thing I can agree on in personal finance. My […]

What you need to do in order to become rich : The Saturday Weekend Review #104

THE SCIENCE OF GETTING RICH   I’m sure you are scratching your head wondering how there could be such a science but to some who want to become rich with money it is a science. Why? They fail to see the long-term effects of putting in effort even if only short-term goals that will help accumulate wealth and lower debt. If you want to become a millionaire you can’t just hope that the stars will align and it will happen you have to make it happen. A successful business isn’t successful because it runs on its own! Our only science in the CBB house is understanding where our money is going, how much money we net and investing in our future. No magic here just hard work and a frugal lifestyle. Building wealth for some people may mean a high net worth but whichever way you choose to feel fulfilled financially avoiding common mistakes with money is the first step to understanding how to become rich. Do you ever wonder how people become rich? I mean, how on earth do they accumulate millions of dollars? Was it hard work? Luck? Family inheritance? Parental assistance? There are young and rich kids […]

Are you rich just because you are debt free?

MONEY STILL HAS TO BE EARNED   Do you want to know how to be famous around people you know? Tell them you are debt free and have no mortgage to pay and you’ve just become the rich person you never knew you were. I know it’s crazy but it’s the way some minds run because they believe money makes the world go around. Not everyone thinks that way but I’m afraid there are people who do. They want to know how to be rich like they ‘think’ you are (even though you might not be) so they too can live a stress free life sipping margaritas on the beach in Hawaii. Life is not that simple though I’m afraid and one of the worst things you can do in my opinion is to go around and tell people you are debt free and have nothing to pay for except for every day bills. We only share that on the blog to show others what we have done in order to motivate others who want to become debt free but we don’t talk about it in our personal life to anyone. Telling anyone who will listen about your financial history […]

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