Cash in with excellent customer service my way

By: Katrina Customer Service How Can I Help You? After working in various retail stores for a few years now, I can say I have seen some excellent customer service and many satisfied customers, but as with everything else, where there’s good there’s bad. Ideally we would all like to walk out of a store having found exactly what we needed, when we need it and at a price that we believe reasonable but we all know this doesn’t always happen. Define customer service What does good customer service mean to you? To me excellent customer service means I am leaving a store completely satisfied with my shopping experience and any problems are resolved quickly and in an appropriate manner. There is a difference between good customer service skills vs. excellent customer service skills where excellent means the cashier or shop floor clerk takes you through the help process from step 1 listening to your concern to paying for the product. Choosing positive point of sale solutions will give the customer an overall ease of shopping experience. Good customer service might show you where the product is and bad customer service might not help you at all, or point you […]

Get Out Of Bed And Make That Change

Picture the lazy weekend morning: The sun is bright, the day is young, and you’re in bed. For many of us, myself included, the temptation to stay in bed and enjoy the comforts of sleep and warm blankets is easy to do. It’s simple to enjoy the moment, to be still and content. I’m pretty sure that even those with uncomfortable beds or lumpy pillows enjoy these lazy moments and would rather stay in bed than confront the inertia of the day. Similarly, for many people, it’s easy and comforting to go to the same job every day, to know what to expect, and to go with the flow. Even when they are not happy with their career or their co-workers, it’s easier to stick with what is familiar. Change is scary. For me, the fluffy pillow was the four weeks of vacation I received each year. The warm, cozy bed was the defined benefit pension that I could expect to receive at the end of the road. The relaxing state of wakefulness that we experience in the morning was the comforting knowledge that each day, I would do similar tasks with the same people and collect my salary twice a month. But […]

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