The Saturday Weekend Review: Toronto Illegal Immigrants,The Gates Are Open

Toronto seems to have an agenda for taking care of their own as “Toronto Becomes Canada’s first Sanctuary For Illegal Immigrants” according to Yahoo News. Toronto City Councillors voted 37-3 in favour for Motion CD 18.5  an “access without fear” motion of supplying illegal immigrants access to all city funded initiatives this past week. What this means is that they will allow undocumented migrants access to services such as the food banks and shelters and other offerings from the city. When I read this I thought, oh man here we go the gates are open, but are we being too harsh on Toronto for wanting to help these people? As a legal permanent resident (PR) in Canada I can tell you the process to move to Canada is not an easy process and one that I’m sure I’ll write about in full length one day. I remember reading about people complaining about all the “free” stuff immigrants get when they moved to Canada and thinking, “free” show me the way because “nothing” was handed to me on a silver platter when I became a PR. In fact I think I was lucky because the entire process was fairly quick only because we […]

Emigrating to Canada ~ Should I Rent Out My House

THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE THE MOVE   Canada seems to be a popular destination for UK citizens looking to start a new, more fulfilling life. Over the past few years I’ve known 3 or 4 different couples who’ve taken the plunge and made the tough decision to leave their life in the UK behind and start a new one living in Canada. As a former mortgage advisor some of those friends have questioned me regarding the biggest dilemma they face, after hiring an international moving company as they organize the big move to Canada, ‘What Should I Do With My House?’ Should I sell or rent out my house? If you’re a homeowner the decision of whether to sell or rent out your house has likely been plaguing you as you progress toward emigrating. In this article we’ll take a closer look at the option of renting and hopefully it will help you decide if becoming a landlord is the right option for you.   Emigrating Is No Ordinary Move   As you’re going to be moving to the other side of the world to live in Canada, renting out your home becomes more complicated than it would ordinarily be. Unless you can arrange […]

Building Credit In Canada As A New Permanent Resident

Building Credit all over again in a new Country is not easy but is certainly possible to do. I’m still here and living it up and don’t fancy heading back any time soon. I’ve battled through all the permanent resident requirements with my lovely wife at my side and it’s been such a learning experience that I hope to share with all of you. It took me just over 100 days from the time I sent out my package that I prepared to Immigration Canada to being accepted as a Permanent Resident of Canada. I am truly blessed to be living in such a beautiful country like Canada and all the opportunities it has given me. Now I’m doing my part and giving back. Many people who land in Canada as new residents often find themselves lost when trying to establish credit to build a credit history. New Permanent Resident When I moved to Canada from the United Kingdom I was what they used to call a “Canadian Landed Immigrant” now called a “Canadian Permanent Resident”. Although I did some research on a Canada Immigration Forum it was more about the legal aspect rather than the financial. I already knew how to […]

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