Low Carb LCHF Cream Cheese Lemon Pound Cake

ENJOY A SLICE OF LEMON HEAVEN   If you’re looking for a low carb, sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free cream cheese lemon pound cake then you’ve clicked on the right link because even I can’t tell it is low carb and polished off a few slices. Creating low carb dessert recipes for my wife to enjoy can be challenging but once you understand how the ingredients work together easy low carb desserts can be brought to life. Creating recipes is about experimenting which can be fun even if your recipe doesn’t turn out as planned. I’m no pastry chef and working with flour that contain no gluten, eggs, butter, coconut oil and cream cheese to re-invent the pound cake took some trial and error. With my wife’s birthday this month I wanted to create a low carb pound cake since it’s her favourite type of cake. She loves how a traditional pound cake is dense and perfect for dipping in coffee or milk. It has been almost one year since she’s given up sugar, grains and most fruits and vegetables to lead a low carb lifestyle. She loves this way of eating, feels great and has lost all the weight she gained […]

Close To Starbucks Lemon Loaf But Better

THE BEST LEMON LOAF YOU WILL EVER HAVE   I’m one of those guys who doesn’t like to spend money on foods I can prepare at home if I don’t have to. Buying a desert even at Starbucks will run you dollars per slice like their popular Lemon Loaf. I’m no professional baker or pastry chef but there are some desserts that are fairly easy to make such as cakes, muffins, scones, cookies etc. The other day my wife noticed a Top Secret Starbucks Lemon Loaf recipe in her Facebook news-feed on Prego and Mommy Chat that made her drool. My lemon loaf today is inspired and adapted by this recipe as I made a few changes to create a different texture and full-flavoured lemon taste. We’ve been to Starbucks many times (spending my allowance) and have seen the lemon loaf but have not tried it. The desserts served at Starbucks are premium and are very alluring when you are waiting in line for your coffee. I have to admit they have some pretty good coffee too. She whispered to me saying that there was another challenge on the table for me since my last was trying to copycat Twinkies. […]

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