Mr.CBB’s Personal Finance Weekly Reading List #3 RRSP’s, NHL

Personal Finance Reading LIst

Today is probably one of the first days I’ve been able to wake up late and just lay in bed staring at the ceiling wondering what to tackle first. So far this week has been one heck of a rat race for me running from meeting to appointment to the grocery store to work and home. Have you ever had a week where you felt you were going non-stop? Well that was me this week.

On a good note, NHL Hockey Season is back (finally) for all you hockey fans although, I’m not one of them. I was mentioning to my mate Mark about Hockey and how I don’t understand it but ask me about rugby, basketball and soccer and I’m in.

We met with our financial advisor the other day and we really have some catching up as do many Canadians. I read an interesting post today on RRSP or Debt and how only 26 percent of eligible Canadians contribute to an RRSP. What would you choose? Sometimes the choice is clear but others it’s not. Our choice was clear and I’ll get into that more in a later post about our retirement savings and plans for 2013.


Here are some posts of the week from top blogs that I read and comment on weekly. Have a look, subscribe to them if you like. They are one heck of a bunch of Bloggers who also share and comment on what I have to say with their fans so I will do the same for you. Happy Reading and enjoy your weekend!


  1. The Frugal Path- Don’t Allow Coupons To Lure You Into Overspending
  2. Dividend Ninja- Why Canadians Should Avoid Mutual Funds
  3. Vix Money- Share her Case Study #2 (follow along this portfolio)
  4. The Family Finances- What Is An Off-Shore Investment?
  5. Freedom Thirty Five- Getting Back Into Stocks
  6. Saving Advice- Using Credit As An Emergency Savings Is A Bad Idea
  7. Modest Money- Treating Your Savings Like A Monthly Bill
  8. Eyes On The Dollar- My Child Needs Glasses, Now What? 
  9. See Debt Run- Wishing For Walkability
  10. My Own Advisor- If You Want To Price Match, Please
  11. Reach Financial Independence  13 Money Resolutions for 2013 #8 Be Happy!
  12. Club Thrifty- Horrifc Financial Advice From the New York Times
  13. Young Adult Money- Five Lessons Learned from Freelancing
  14. Work Save Live- Debt Reduction Strategy, The Debt Seige
  15. The Outlier Model- What Causes Hoarding?
  16. Prairie Eco-Thrifter- The Difference Between Looking Rich and Being Rich
  17. My Canuck Buck- Easy Ways To Save Money At The Grocery Store
  18. One Smart Dollar- The Downside To Common Frugal Tips
  19. The Brighter Life- How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?
  20. Money Bulldog- Why Cash Flow Is More Important Than Profit
  21. Lil Suburban Homestead- Visiting the Vanderbilts Homestead A.K.A The Biltmore Estate
  22. This is Common Cents-The Real Cost of Food
  23. Broke Ass Mommy- Techniques I Use To Curb That Pesky Consumerism Itch
  24. Grown Up and Stuff- Why I’m Happy I Made The Move To Free Banking
  25. Finance Fox- Doing Business With Friends Could It Work?
  26. I Heart Budgets- Seasonal Budgeting
  27. Debt Round Up- The Day My Personal Finance Life Changed
  28. Out Of Your Rut- Micro-Frugality vs Macro-Frugality
  29. Money Ning- Change Your Money Behaviour By Changing Your Money Beliefs
  30. Thirty Six Months- On Always Wanting More
  31. Frugal Rules- Three Ways Advertising Companies Tempt You To Forsake Frugality
  32. Financial Highway- How To Reduce Waste and Save Money
  33. Edward Antrobus-How To Save Money Shaving
  34. Average Joe- Hiring A Financial Advisor, Clues From the Secretary
Lemon Blueberry Muffin

Lemon Blueberry Muffin Credit Work Save Live

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New Start, New Beginning, New Life, Change, Divorce, Seperation

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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Nov 9,2012

Mr.CBB's Weekly Blog Post Picks

Well I’m happy it’s Friday which means I get to share with you my blog post picks of the week. No you won’t find US Election or Fiscal Cliff political chit-chat going on in here but it’s over and the newly re-elected Obama will lead the way yet again for the USA.  I would like to say despite this weeks presidential battle there were some great blog post coming in from all different directions. Lately, I’ve aimed to reach out to new Bloggers each week as it’s always nice to build your circle of friends.

This weeks post will be short and likely come to you later in the evening as I’ve been on vacation for a couple of days now so I’m trying to get a million things done at once. Gosh that almost sounded as if I was saying I was multi-tasking, not! So as I endure the pain of the upcoming week, next Friday to be exact Nov 16 sitting in a movie theatre watching Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 please think of me. I can promise you I’ll be mind-blogging the entire movie.

Let’s take a moment to remember those brave soldiers that fought for us this weekend on Remembrance Day, Sunday November 11,2012.


Mr.CBB's Fudgy Brownies with Walnuts

These are only some of the posts I read this week and I think you will love! Go ahead grab a hot beverage some Fudgy Brownies then enjoy these good weekend reads!

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It's Not About How Much Money You Make It's How You Spend It

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MR.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks July 20,2012

Good Day Mates!-

Wow, did I ever read lots of blog posts this week! I’ll be honest it’s been a doozy of a week for me though so I’be been doing some serious multi-tasking. I’ve painted up a storm as you may already know and still waiting for my landscaping materials. I’m actually to the point where I don’t care if they come in around September as it will be cooler for me to lay my new path and dig the holes I will need. Next weeks project is to put our new entry door in, paint the garage, and put in the new man door on the garage and cold room. I don’t need a “honey do” list I make them for myself!

We’ve also been busy with our out-of-town student visiting for the month and so far so good.  Our grass looks like hay as we are no longer permitted to water it without permission. I’m happy to say my front garden will have minimal grass next year after I’m done with it. There’s nothing worse than spending money on your lawn only for the city to turn around and say, ya you can’t water it.  Pointless!

That’s my week.. I hope yours was just as good!

What’s been happening at Canadian Budget Binder this week?

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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks Friday July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Weekly Blog Picks…..are you superstitious?

What a week it’s been for me, busy and our volunteer services for the summer has begun. My landscaping materials were delayed due to truck malfunction and route delay. The company is promising me it will be in by next week once the truck catches up with the delivery. I think it’s a bunch of phooey (is that a word) but ah well, they are the best in the area and I had to custom order our front steps for the house.

In the meantime since I am on holidays and didn’t want to waste my time waiting for my landscaping materials I got on with painting. The primed doors in the house have never been painted and are still the same as the builder put them in. As soon as the first coat of paint went on you could see the difference paint can easily make for a small price. I also added new hardware to jazz them up and they sure look 100% better. Well that’s been my week along with some great blog posts I’ve written along with a few excellent guest posts submitted at Canadian Budget Binder…..

Here’s what I posted at Canadian Budget Binder this Week- If you missed these amazing posts please take a moment to read them and share them with your mates.

Money Smart Mom-Book Review Financially Fit Parenting

The Grocery Game Challenge July 9-15 2012 -Summer Yum

Net Worth Update June 2012 Canadian Budget Binder- Review

Winner of Money Smart Mom-Financially Fit Parenting

Money Fights and Money Problems Guest post from Jackie at Money Crush and The Debt Myth (Thanks Jackie)

Mr.CBB’s Summer Fresh Tomato Salad with Basil, Fennel and Chick Peas

My Childhood Shaped My Financial Future- Guest post by our Fan Sasha Selby ( Thanks Sasha)

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Mr.CBB’s Top Blog Post Picks of the Week- Lots of great posts from around the web are posted every Friday!

Shopping  Reuse or Recycle Stores- Femme Frugality

Understanding Today’s Mortgage Rule Changes- Michael Anthony Llyod

A Mid-Summer Bonus Spending vs Saving -Cents of A Country Girl

Want to Pay Off Your Debt? Why a Little Means Alot- Money Bulldog

Budget Confessions- Iheartbudgets

Are You a Bargain Hunter Too?- Lil’ Suburban Homestead

I Kept Sliding- Bog Of Debt

What I learned About Myself in School- Blonde On A Budget

Neptune’s Pasta- Aunt B on a Budget

Celebrate the Slow Thinkers- Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Staying Cool On A Budget- The Vegan Penny Pincher

How To Save Money at The Fair or Amusement Park- From Shopping To Saving

Portfolio Diversification ..Equity Considerations- Canadian MD Investor Update: No longer Blogging

Does What You Buy Define You? My Canuck Buck

Somebody Stole My Wallet- When Life Gives You Lemons

Debt Pay off Progress June- Married with Debt

Prioritizing Is the Name Of The Game- Guest Post at The Debt Princess

5 All Natural Homemade Beauty Products That Will Save You Money-Your Life For Less

A New Service For Do It Yourself Investors- Canadian Couch Potato

A Raise and Forget about it- Single to The Penny

Can you Answer These Financial Questions- So Over Debt

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Mr.CBB’s Weekly Blog Post Picks July 6,2012

My weekly blog picks might be slim this week as it’s been a hectic week for me with Canada Day and Landscaping the yard. I’ll admit I haven’t gotten so far with the yard but I promise you that once the materials get dropped off I will be a hot n sweaty bloke for days on end.

So far my vacation has been good with visiting the relatives for Canada Day to hanging out with Mrs.CBB doing some of the fun things we like to do such as hiking,making olive bread, walks in the evening and hanging out with our friends.

Picture: Making Olive Bread- recipe to follow on Blog!

This week I was able to get in a few good reads from the blogs that I follow.  I hope you all get a chance to check these awesome blogs out.

I want to start by thanking Jeremy at Modest Money for hosting a poll for fans to vote for their favourite  Top Personal Financial Blogs.

Congratulations to Canadian Budget Binder for taking Top Spot! All Blogs have something unique to share but at the end of the day it’s about helping Canadians save money for all of us.

Here is what I had to say!

Happy Canada Day!
Congratulations to everyone who takes the time each and every day to blog, we are all winners for teaching, sharing and motivating.

Thanks Jeremy for hosting this as I’ve met some amazing bloggers and read many new blogs that I had never heard of.

The fans who read Canadian Budget Binder I also want to take a moment and thank. Without them sharing and reading the blog there would be no blog. It’s all for the people!


Here’s what I posted at Canadian Budget Binder this Week- If you missed these amazing posts please take a moment to read them and share them with your mates.

I had a guest post I wrote for My Canuck Buck  posted called:
  • How Do Coupons Help Families  Save Money- My Canuck Buck is a great blog so check out the blog and my guest post.

Here are Mr.CBB’s Blog Post Picks of the Week- Lots of great posts!

Could you live without  a car?  Give Me Back My Five Bucks

7 Tips to Make Moving on A Budget Quick And Easy-Careful Cents

10 Ways To Protect Your Heart Everyday- Tackling Our Debt – Money means nothing if you are not healthy, take care of your body!

You Can Save Alot of Money Buying Clothes You Don’t Need If You Do It Right- Guest Post on From Shopping To Saving from John Preston

Why Frugality Along Won’t Make You Rich- Money Ning Some good points but I also believe that spending less than you earn and balance in life is key. Every penny does count. A good read as are the comments in this post.

Sometimes Money Just Doesn’t Matter-Young Cheap Living

You Really Can Just Add Vodka And Save Money- When Life Gives You Lemons Add Vodka

I’ve Cost Myself Some Money In The Past- Bog Of Debt

Are You a Money Co-Dependant? -Creative Money

Eating On A Budget 101 College Crash Course- One Smart Dollar

Starting  A Business That Will Thrive Through a Recession- Money Bulldog

How Will Rising Rates Affect Bonds-Canadian Couch Potato

We’re switching to Cash- Making Sense of Cents

Beginner Financial Quiz Answers- I didn’t do too bad.. great teacher he is Mr CanadianMDInvestor    No Longer Blogging

27 Random Things About Me- Blonde On A Budget- I love learn about other bloggers….

Is It Really Worth It?- Canadian Personal Finance Blog

Almond Chicken- Aunt B on A Budget

A 3 Step Way to Guilt Free Vacation Spending- Married With Debt

Summer Reading- Canadian Performers Money

Control Your Debt- Fabulous And Money Savvy!

How I Make Money E-Book- Budgeting In The Fun Stuff

Make-Up and Money- How to avoid looking like a mess- This will appeal to the ladies of course! enjoy. -So Over Debt

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