grocery game monthly challenge

The Dark Side Of Grocery Store Shoplifting : The GGC 2018 #3 Oct 15-21

YOU CAN’T FIGHT IT BUT YOU CAN PREVENT IT   From self-check out shoplifting, retail shoplifting to grocery store shoplifting it’s a big business that costs Canadians big bucks because it’s coming out of your pockets. That’s right you pay the price as a consumer because when the store loses so does the paying customers. Today I want to specifically focus on grocery store shoplifting during operating hours because it happens far more than you think. You might ask yourself why on earth would anyone want to shoplift at the grocery store? Many reasons which I will discuss below but the main reason is money. Often it’s just not one person who is involved with grocery store shoplifting it can be an organized family event so there is much to be aware of but if you’re just there to shop you may never see a thing. You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, everyone has seen opened packages just laying around shelves, on the floor or tossed in a bunker and the product missing. Where do you think that product went? Out the door or into someone’s belly that’s where. You might have heard that the best place to be a […]

grocery game monthly challenge

How A Grocery Store Scammer Gets Away With It : The Grocery Game Challenge 2017 #3 Sept 18-24

AWARENESS OF THE UNDERGROUND WORLD OF SHOPLIFTING AND THE COSTS TO CUSTOMERS AND RETAILERS IS NECESSARY   Scammers are a huge financial loss for grocery retailers across the country and unless there is an awareness most of it falls on a blind eye, at least at the consumer level. The past 10 years Mrs. CBB and I have worked hard to save money at the grocery store and scammers make it difficult for frugal-minded shoppers to keep up with increased prices and loss of programs aimed to help shoppers save. Is shoplifting an addiction? I guess it can be if the scammer believes they can’t stop or doesn’t know how to. The thrill and the savings becomes a hobby rather than a need. I was not shocked to find a 2014 Shoplifters Anonymous Tumblr blog based out of Toronto which shares stories and tips from scammers on how to get free stuff. It’s hard not to read it all because humans are naughty by nature and want to know even if they don’t want to participate. When coupons were the hottest thing going there were coupon men and women who became greedy and ruined it for everyone else. It may […]

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