Classic Rhubarb Pie with Meringue Topping

THE BEST RHUBARB PIE   Since Spring has sprung I’ve decided to make my Classic Rhubarb Pie with the perfect meringue topping. I know many of you may think my Rhubarb pie should be topped with a lattice or a crumble topping, but not necessarily. Those are both 2 delicious ways to top off a Rhubarb pie but I also like to top my pie with a delightful meringue. Meringue also makes the pie very light and fluffy. I also make my lemon pie with meringue at the same time since I make a large batch of meringue. It seems the Rhubarb pie is ALWAYS the first to go. If you enjoy strawberries you can also add some to the pot and make a Rhubarb Strawberry Pie which will add a bit more sweetness to the pie as Rhubarb is very tart. Some people like to eat Rhubarb with a bit of salt and sugar for the reason of it being so tart. Don’t believe me? Take a bite next time you have some Rhubarb and you’ll see. When I was younger I used to pick my moms fresh Rhubarb from the garden, wash it and then dip it straight […]

Cinnamon Meringue Petit Fours

CREAMY AND BITE-SIZED   I don’t always like big desserts that you have to eat with a utensil so these cinnamon meringue petit fours are the perfect mini desserts for my family. For Christmas this year I was given a lovely Kitchen Aid Mixer which I had dreamt about for a long time. The Kitchen-aid mixer makes life so much easier and with no more sore wrists and I can create my budget-friendly recipes in a shorter length of time. I don’t know why it took so long to get one.. ha! Today I’m breaking out the new mixer to share my Cinnamon Meringue Petit Fours recipe and I can honestly say it’s a dream come true. It seems as if I’ve got hired help and the mixer is worth every penny. This petit fours recipe has hints of cinnamon and the consistency of meringue which makes them simple to create. With all the ingredients in the pantry from the holidays I can easily whip these up in a jiffy. This meringue is different from most as its chewy rather than crunchy as it has fine almonds mixed in. The important key to remember is once they are done baking to […]

Sticky meringue roulade with honey cream stuffed with cranberry and raspberries

A LIGHT AFTER DINNER CAKE   Everyone likes something sweet once in a while and this treat is sure to please even the finicky dessert eater. We all love to eat at Christmas time and if you are anything like me you love the variety of  desserts generally available at many gatherings. The problem I have is when I have eaten turkey and all the trimmings that I am sometimes way too full to be eating anything else. To end your meal with something sweet I am sharing with you today a light alternative to your other heavy on the stomach Christmas desserts. Today I have a roulade recipe called a sticky meringue roulade with honey cream stuffed with cranberry and raspberries. The roulade is also known as cake roll recipes or simply rolled that can be created with various flavours and fillings which can be sweet or savory.   What is meringue?   A wonderfully frivolous thing a meringue recipe is made with using just the egg whites of an egg, sugar and an acid such as lemon or vinegar, cornflour which is corn starch in Canada then whisked until soft peaks are formed–light as air, sweet as honey […]

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