Swirled Nutella Banana Bread

THE SECRET TO MY POPULAR MOIST BANANA BREAD IS REVEALED TODAY. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS SWEET INFORMATION.   In a perfect Nutella world we’d all love Nutella but for now you either love it or you hate it. I’m going to Nutella bomb your kitchen today with a Nutella banana bread recipe like you’ve never tasted before. Creating recipes with Nutella seems pretty easy and it is because chocolate practically goes with everything, especially bananas. I may be biased but this is one of the best and moist Swirled Nutella Banana Bread recipes that has a bit of ooey-gooey at the top. I promise you’ll either be licking your lips or your fingers when no one is looking or grabbing another piece to mask those sticky fingers.   Breakfast Nutella   All you need is a spoon…and maybe a slice of bread. Nutella has gotten a bad rap after consumer complaints about their nutritious breakfast advertising over the years but production is still going strong. Someone has to be buying it! This is chocolate folks and probably not the best breakfast but heck, everyone needs a little chocolate boost in the mornings some times. Years ago when […]

Hungarian Walnut Cake… Moist and Creamy

YOU GOTTA TRY THIS CAKE!   Well it’s coming up to that time of year for swooning, sending flowers to that special someone and even preparing a special meal or dessert. That’s right Valentine’s Day is coming up and this Hungarian Walnut Cake is the perfect treat, especially if you are a walnut lover. In this house Valentine’s Day means the kids coming home and counting how many Valentine’s Day cards they received while my husband and I joke with them until they blush, “ooh lots of girlfriends/boyfriends then.” My husband and I really don’t go overboard buying each other gifts for Valentine’s Day as we tend to leave the excitement to the kids. I do however enjoying making a romantic meal with a delicious dessert and Hungarian Walnut Cake is what we are having this February 14, 2015. Don’t get me wrong in our younger days we went all out buying gorgeous roses, Valentine’s cards, Valentine’s chocolates even sometimes a romantic meal out on the town. If we were to do all that today we’d have to budget this night on the town as a projected expense because Valentine’s Day is costly from the flowers right down to the […]

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