Swirled Nutella Banana Bread

THE SECRET TO MY POPULAR MOIST BANANA BREAD IS REVEALED TODAY. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS SWEET INFORMATION.   In a perfect Nutella world we’d all love Nutella but for now you either love it or you hate it. I’m going to Nutella bomb your kitchen today with a Nutella banana bread recipe like you’ve never tasted before. Creating recipes with Nutella seems pretty easy and it is because chocolate practically goes with everything, especially bananas. I may be biased but this is one of the best and moist Swirled Nutella Banana Bread recipes that has a bit of ooey-gooey at the top. I promise you’ll either be licking your lips or your fingers when no one is looking or grabbing another piece to mask those sticky fingers.   Breakfast Nutella   All you need is a spoon…and maybe a slice of bread. Nutella has gotten a bad rap after consumer complaints about their nutritious breakfast advertising over the years but production is still going strong. Someone has to be buying it! This is chocolate folks and probably not the best breakfast but heck, everyone needs a little chocolate boost in the mornings some times. Years ago when […]

Oatmeal NUTELLA Cookies

NUTELLA IS NOT JUST FOR BREAKFAST   You won’t catch me spreading Nutella on my bread for breakfast but for kids and adults all over the world this hazelnut spread brings a happiness to their day. I mean, who doesn’t like chocolate? I prefer to enjoy Nutella other ways, such as in cookies. Buying the big jar of Nutella at the grocery store will probably cost you around $5.99 or $10.99 for a double pack. Don’t get confused the large jar of Nutella isn’t the only jar I’ve seen. According to the Nutella Website you can buy many sizes of Nutella: 200g 725g 2x950g 375g 2x 725g I’ve seen probably the worlds tiniest jar of Nutella that was the size of a Tic Tac box at my friends. He is a Nutella fanatic. He’s also had a picture taken with a giant 5kg Nutella jar. Now that’s a jar of chocolate. Whether there was actual Nutella in the jar, that I don’t know.   Nutella History   So, where is Nutella made exactly? That is a question I was hoping to find answers to.  After some research I did find what I was looking for at the Nutella Canada website […]

Mr.CBB’s Stuffed Crepes With Lemon, Sugar And Yogurt

Recipe: Mr.CBB Stuffed Crepes with lemon, sugar and yogurt were on the menu this past week since it was Shrove Tuesday  and it was a fresh change to the savoury meal we are used to at dinner time. I’m sure many of you though don’t mind having breakfast for dinner or lunch as long as it looks and tastes good. As mentioned in my previous post about pancake day, which is what we call crepes back home in the UK. I’ve been making them for years now and it’s a recipe you can easily teach your kids as it has very few ingredients which I think is great to start out with. Our pancakes are traditional and different from the North American pancake which fluffs up and has a cake-like texture. We also tend to flavour ours with lemon and a bit of sugar and not the maple syrup I’ve found many to use in Canada on both pancakes and crepes. What is a Crepe? A crepe which simple means, curled and of the Latin term “crispa” yet originates in Northwest Brittany in France where they are typically served with a cider on February 2, a day called Candlemas (Le Chandeleur). […]

Mr.CBB’s Eggless Chocolate Coffee Cake $6.50

Eggless Chocolate Coffee Cake… for real you can make a moist chocolate cake without eggs. I know I was just as shocked and it’s perfect! It was just the other night I had a hankering for chocolate and I was tempting myself to head to the kitchen to make my Mr.CBB’s Fudgy Brownies. Although my Facebook Fans motivated me to get up and bake I decided to wait a day as it was a bit late. Then during a Facebook conversation 2 fans Christine Weadick and Sarah Jackson started talking about allergies and eggless cakes. Sarah’s little one is allergic to eggs and was looking for some new easy eggless recipes. In comes Christine to the rescue with her easy eggless chocolate cake recipe. This is what Facebook sharing and caring is all about, two people who come together to help each other out.   Eggless Chocolate Cake Christine went on to post her favourite eggless chocolate cake recipe you can find it posted on my timeline on Facebook) and I was intrigued with it. The next evening I made the chocolate cake and it turned out lovely. It was a bit heavier than normal cakes but moist and delightful. […]

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