Cinnamon Cream Cheese Pancakes (Low-Carb, Gluten-Free)

ADD THESE CREAM CHEESE PANCAKES TO YOUR BREAKFAST MENU   I’ve created my version of low-carb cream cheese pancakes and they taste delicious for a quick breakfast on the run. Lately I’ve been talking about my wife being on a low-carb diet to help get rid of some weight she gained during her pregnancy. As an avid runner she would like to get back into the gym and back to the active lifestyle she once had. Part of her inspiration comes from the popular Atkins Diet that has proven successful for so many men and women around the world. You only have to look at photos and read stories on social media sites to see how the Atkins Diet has changed lives. The most important part I like to remind my wife about is that eating should be part of a “lifestyle” and not something you do just because you think you have to do it. I’ve read all that I can about the Atkins Diet over the past few weeks including Atkins recipes so I could help my wife prepare or create her meals. Although she only went through the Atkins induction stage for 2 weeks to jump-start her […]

Scottish Pancakes

HOT FROM THE GRIDDLE   Canadians aren’t the only people who love pancakes. Back home Scottish pancakes were served on a regular basis in our house. Coming up with new breakfast ideas is not an easy task but one I’m always willing to test. Who wants an easy breakfast this morning? This is me shouting out asking the kids and hubby if they want Scottish pancakes and the reply is yeah, pancakes. This is also a kids pancake recipe because you can invite your kids to help prepare the ingredients as long as you do the flipping. I never ever buy the store-bought packets of mix as it truly is cheaper to make your own pancake mix. I remember just last week reading on Canadian Budget Binder fan saying that she can’t believe she used to buy boxed pancake mix and that making pancakes from scratch is so easy. How to make homemade pancakes? Easy…. read on.   Scottish Pancakes   Stop wondering how to make easy pancakes because I’m going to share with you a pancake recipe that I know will become your all-time favourite. I always make a dry pancake mix to have on standby so that all […]

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