Three Best Things About Being Single When It Comes To Money

A year ago I would have never pictured myself as being a single mother. I’m sure no married mother actually pictures herself on her own raising her children. But life happens and there are just some things that we will never be able to change. Being single isn’t all that bad; there are actually many perks and being able to make your own personal financial decisions is one of them The three best things about being single for me when it comes to money are….. 1.)    You Can Make Your Own  Financial Plans. My ex-husband and I disagreed a lot when it came to managing our money. While he did let me have most of the control over the cheque book, he would often make comments like “I will work until the day I die.” Of course me being a personal finance junkie would just feel my eyes roll into the back of my head every time I heard this. Well of course, without a plan and some savings you will work until the day you die. I can now organize my game plan without having to beg somebody to jump on board. What I can Do Being Single…. If I […]

One day you will understand son, you have One Shot

Father’s Day A Time To Reflect No dad never took me hunting although he lives for it… that isn’t the “One Shot” he is talking about. It’s Father’s Day today and although I think of my dad year round today is the day I think about him all day and want to share him with you. I haven’t seen my father in years so I won’t be seeing him again this Father’s Day. I will be making a phone call back home to the United Kingdom to chat with dad and let him know how much appreciate what he’s done for me up until today. I’m pretty sure the fathers day card I mailed him should have arrived by now. Let me explain about how I’ve come to understand the meaning behind the lessons my father has taught me over the years. Life lessons I will always remember the words that came from my father’s mouth and still do “one day you will understand son, you have One Shot”.  When we are young we think the world revolves around us and think our parents are old farts telling us what to do. I remember seeing dad out in the garden every summer […]

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