Can you afford to take a full day off from work?

PAYING THE BILLS TAKES MONEY   In order to take a full day off from work for most people that means an entire day’s loss of income. That can be tough for any budget but there are times when it must be done. Unless your employer has provided you with stellar benefits or a contract that states your days off are paid sick days you might be shaking your head, no you can’t afford to take a full day off. You may say, yes you can afford to take a full day off because you have money saved up in the event that you need to take a day off and it won’t affect your budget too much. That’s great. Some employees are lucky they can carry over their sick days, bank them or get paid out for them but you must read the provisions of your contract with your employer to know what is covered. If you are not sure contact your human resources department or your benefits company for a more in-depth explanation. It’s better to know rather than to guess.   Full day off   Not everyone can afford to take a full day off from work […]

Bust our budget November 2013: How do you pay your bills?

PAY ATTENTION TO THE NUMBERS   It’s inevitable that mistakes will happen whether they are by human error or computer generated mistakes that for the odd occasion can cause problems when it comes to your finances. How to pay your bills? There are so many ways to pay your bills these days whether it be in person to the organization, at the bank, with a credit card (for points), online bill payments and I’m sure there are a host of other ways to pay your bills. The key is to pay them once and to pay them on time while making sure you are paying for the services you used. We have a bill payment calendar set up on the computer in excel so we know exactly when our bills are due and the general amount they are unless they are fixed as that would be the same amount such as the mortgage payment each week. Just when we thought we were an organized couple financially we go and make an error this week that I wanted to briefly touch on this month because for some it may not be a huge deal but for those that might have limited […]

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