grocery game monthly challenge

Strange Things People Do At The Grocery Store To Save Money: The Grocery Game Challenge 2016 #3 Apr 17-24

SAVING MONEY CAN BECOME A CHALLENGE HIGH   I’ve blogged about grocery shopping for 5 years now and have learned so much about how Canadians grocery shop. I’ve learned the good and the ugly about how far people will go to save money on one of the biggest budget expenses apart from mortgage/rent and vehicle payments- food. While at the supermarket I’m on full radar and see so many strange things people do to save money that it amazes me how they can be so easy-going about it. When cracks in the savings system are found some consumers cash in because they want more than a little, they want it all even if it’s a bit underhanded. Financial times are tough in many households as grocery prices and living expenses are steadily increasing where the tightest grocery budget will feel the strain. You may think that only people who are struggling to buy food will conquer the grocery store using crooked ways just to save a few bucks but this is far from true. Even the richest of people are frugal and will do just about anything to keep money flowing through their bank account even if it is cheating […]

grocery game monthly challenge

The grocery game challenge July 22-28,2013 # 4 : About food waste in Canada

Throwing Money Out The Window That’s right, this post is about food waste from the consumer’s perspective, that’s me and from what we see in the grocery store or at least a bird’s-eye view. It’s not surprise when I read that Canada wastes an estimated 27 billion dollars worth of food every year making its way to compost landfills creating high levels of carbon and methane.  I read this in a 2010 study by the Value Chain Management Centre in a 2010 review of Food Waste in Canada.  What struck me while reading the report was the quote you will read below, although it’s not shocking at all. Today I am here to say that the grocery store won and we lost the grocery game this month as we went over budget again trying to catch up for an overspend 2 months ago. We don’t feel we are throwing money out the window as we eat everything we buy but many considerations need to take place for us next year when it comes to our budget through what the 2013 year will have taught us. Canadian retailers are unique in the extent to which they rely on price-oriented fliers as a […]

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